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So it’s okay to embrace the ‘terrorists’ we have been fighting for 4 years in Anbar province and use them as political props, yet it’s not okay to try and open dialog with Iran?

Comment Posted By Kuni On 20.09.2007 @ 09:42


I always here about these alleged lies Joe Wilson was supposed to have told. But I never see them.

For one, he NEVER claimed that Cheney sent him. He admitted in his summer of 2003 article that he never seen the forgeries. And the reporter who claimed that Joe told him that, the same reporter that the Republican dominated (at the time) Senate Intelligence Committee, has issued a retraction stating that Joe had not said that. No wonder Joe told the Committee he had no idea what they were talking about when he was asked.

And ALL the investigations we had into the failed Intelligence all state that Iraq was NOT restarting its nuclear program, and had abandoned it in the early 90’s; and thus was NOT trying to get uranium from Niger. So Wilson was also right on that.

From the SIC Report: (U) The assessment that Iraq "is reconstituting its nuclear program" was not supported by the intelligence provided to the Committee.

From the ISG (Duelfer) Report: Iraq Survey Group (ISG) discovered further evidence of the maturity and significance of the pre-1991 Iraqi Nuclear Program but found that Iraq’s ability to reconstitute a nuclear weapons program progressively decayed after that date.

The Butler Report admits that while “at the time” the Brit’s though Iraq was trying to get uranium; that it was later found that in fact Iraq was not.

Comment Posted By Kuni On 9.12.2007 @ 07:43


I think some people are getting excited; and don’t know what they are excited about.

‘a key judgment’ does not mean ‘THE Key Judgment. The NIE had many ‘key judgments.

For Fitzgerald to correct what Libby said vis-à-vis ‘some of the key judgments’ only says that the Administration lied even more. “Some Of” (with an ‘s’ on the end of key judgment) is more that “A”; and if they were lying when they claimed that a Single Key Judgment made the claim; what does that make them now that they actually claimed that more than one key judgment did?

What does “I had a candy” mean versus “I had some of the candies”? Get the picture yet?

Comment Posted By Kuni On 13.04.2006 @ 18:14

Here is what the Key Judgments said.

. . . Iraq possesses significant phosphate deposits, from which uranium had been chemically extracted before Operation Desert Storm. Intelligence information on whether nuclear-related phosphate mining and/or processing has been reestablished is inconclusive, however. . .

. . . the claims of Iraqi pursuit of natural uranium in Africa are, in INR's assessment, highly dubious. . .

Comment Posted By Kuni On 11.04.2006 @ 19:49



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