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As a Minnesotan, I agree with (Larry, your brother -- Comment #2) that Pawlenty's policies have managed to push up our property taxes, etc... But I have to say that as a Republican govenor facing a liberal democratic controlled legislature, he often has his hands tied. I have often gotten the impression that Gov. Palwenty would LOVE to cut spending and entitlements. However, the liberals simply won't allow it. They insist on increasing programs...even if that means our property taxes, etc.. increase. Pawlenty stands his ground as much as he is able -- he is not in control of all three branches of MN government, and can not produce miracles.

Comment Posted By Kris On 15.02.2010 @ 21:10


I went to my local tea party. I only found out about it at 7 p.m. the night before and scrambled to find out when, where, and what I should do. Had to make special arrangements for transportation because one car is in the shop and because I felt 20 degrees F was colder than I wanted to bring my kids along for.

The next tea parties *will* be bigger and better organized. I think that this round was only decided on about 48 hours before--not much time when most of us had July 4 in our minds, not 27 February.


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