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Dear Rick

A provacative post I see...based on a speech writer perspective. No matter how well meaning the Kyle speech writer meant to be but of course W would have issues defining the movement because until 1980 GWB was helping his father who was definately not part of the movement.

As a general comment, I am getting tired of the "kiss and tell" political book from staffers or appointees. Are there egos really that large that anyone will care about what they have to say for their one or two years serving at the pleasure of the president.

On another note Rick GWB bottom 10 of presidents I do not think so. I think corruption charges and spending money is a pretty thin criteria.

Comment Posted By Kevin Brown On 15.09.2009 @ 14:41


Why do politicians insist of making themselves part of history or generally trying to grand stand on historical commemorations esp post Reagan. I think people miss the point of his great speeches. The point being sincerity and genuine emotion from the speech come from the shared experience of the speaker and the audience not the profundities of speech writers and soaring rhetoric of politicians. Reagan made training films during the war but he could have been one of the boys at Omaha or Iwo Jima or Okinawa.

As far as appearing in Dresden well I suppose the point of Allied bombing must be addressed since the President's audience will have victims' family members in attendance. I look forward to his address esp reading the transcript. I do not like watching the speech on television. The cheering and demonstrations are distraction.

Comment Posted By Kevin Brown On 2.06.2009 @ 18:06


We are very helpful in our ability to answer the following question: "The Republicans lost the last two elections for the following___reason/reasons______________ ."

Of course there are other questions to ask such as "Why is the Republican leadership inept blah blah?

However I have news for all of you and the message has not leaked into all of your heads yet. The DEMOCRATS are in charge of everything so if all goes well the get full credit, if things go to pot then God help them because the American people will take care of the problem.

Republicans should to follow the lead of all great minority parties be patient and develop ideas and our turn will come.

On another note I remember President Reagan and he cut deals when needed esp if the deal advanced his higher priorities cutting income tax rates and defeating the Soviet Union. But my friends situations change and the relevant issues in 2009 must be debated upon such as two important debates that are upcoming CAP and Trade and of course Obamacare. These debates will be the meat and potatoes of 2010 and 2012 and since the economy's green shoots are really weeds the economy...

Comment Posted By Kevin Brown On 1.06.2009 @ 17:48


This is a situation that comes as a result of elections ie elections have consequences. Is Judge Sotomayor a judicial disaster and mediocrity, yes. But then again she is merely replacing another mediocrity and disaster namely Justice Souter.

The larger point that is being lost by the right is that we have to endure the next two to four years with litte ability to influence events because of the results of the 2006 and 2008 elections. We need to accept the situation as is and wait for the day when events will require us to rise to the occasion and push forward our adgenda. I am confident that the day is coming but I want to make sure that we can minimize the damage quite frankly who cares about a mediocre justice who is replacing a mediocre justice.

We need to save our ammunition for the large battles to come namely healthcare and cap and trade. I think if the President's agenda is implemented legislatively on either or both of those issues than quite frankly the situation may not be correctable.

Comment Posted By Kevin Brown On 27.05.2009 @ 15:02

The Posner Challenge


I must admit you cause me to think sometimes. Having said that, the fact is history is dynamic. Issues that were on the cutting edge of debate in 1964 are somewhat reduced in stature ie the Cold War and marginal tax rates. While other issues in 2009 were not on the radar screen in 1964 such as global warming and for that matter the environmental movement and the civil rights movement upto 1970s.

So of course thinking changes because issues change and lets face it our friends on the left are offering new challenges to conservatism and we must rise to defeat them.

Frankly you are part of the challenge. The right needs to answer the question what do we want society to look like today given the fact that issues change and what policies do we want to implement.

There is still plenty of things that existed in 1964 that still exist in 2009 that need fixing such as enttitlements and the miserable failure that is the welfare state no matter how many Republican presidents we have.

Comment Posted By Kevin Brown On 12.05.2009 @ 14:24


Dear Rick

I must admit my first reaction to your headline was deep concern that somehow your wisdom had been hijacked but I now see that your concern's do have some legitmacy.

However your comments about the over riding regulations from the EPA from the late 70s is still true today if not more so. I am sorry but the easy environmentalism has been done and Lake Erie will not catch on fire and you can probably eat the fish.

However the environmentalists in the name of preventing global warming have moved on to bigger fish if you will pardon the pun. I live in CA which is rapidly joining the Kool Aid crowd on global including my worthless "Republican" governor who I wish was Gray Davis so that at least the idiocy was expected. These people want to control our lives manage where we live and what we drive and I am sorry if my libertarian bent thinks that these people watermelons or "Green on othe outside and RED on the inside"

Comment Posted By Kevin Brown On 21.04.2009 @ 11:08

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