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Here is some interesting information about the Georgian Intelligence Minister, the spymaster, Gela Bezhuashvili. When Bezhuashvili was Foreign Minister he said he was "inspired by Israel" and below is a picture of him wearing a yamaka and laying a wreath at a holocaust memorial. The wreath says, "From the Government of Georgia." His brother David Bezhuashvili co-owns the television stations Mze TV and Rustavi 2 which are registered in the Marshall Islands and is a member of the Georgian parliament.

sorry Neocon-brainwashed Rick, but more facts that deniers cannot deny:

And your anti-Semitic point? Spit it out, Jew hater. Are you saying that Israel controls Georgia? Or is your Jew hatred directed against America because we are assisting them?

The article you link gives an overview of the partnership between Georgia and Israel - Israel has sold Georgia an extremely limited amount of arms and spare parts. Is this your big conspiracy, Jew hater? Is this the best your warped mind can posit when it comes to conspiracy theories?

OOOOOH I get it. Your diseased mind thinks that because there are a couple of Jews in the Georgian cabinet, that this is why the US is supporting Georgia. Congratulations, on making the wackiest point about this war to date. But that sort of thing happens when childish minds are involved.

Hard to tell with you anti-Semites just who you hate more; Israeli Jews or American Jew lovers. I'd hate to die with the difference.

Crawl back in your fetid hole, Jew hater.


Comment Posted By Ken P. On 11.08.2008 @ 21:36

The "Georgian" defense minister is an Israeli JEW!!

No wonder the Neocon Jews are high-tailing it into action.

The USA needs to focus on American interests, not those of Neocon dual-citizens and Israeli/Georgian arms dealers.


Rick Moran, what kind of person supports these Israel/US axis gangsters and ideologues? What kind of Midwestern Catholic American are you? A fool it seems.

See above - and it goes double for you, Jew hater.


Comment Posted By Ken P. On 11.08.2008 @ 21:21


These are the poorest sad-sack leaders Conservatives could ever look to. Please let us take our party back from Neocon traitors.

"The harder line toward the Kremlin comes as President Bush and, even more, Vice-President Cheney similarly ratchet up their criticism and as key Neoconservative thinkers and McCain allies Robert Kagan and Bill Kristol take to the op-ed pages to urge action."

Comment Posted By Ken P. On 11.08.2008 @ 21:19



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