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Four points I want to make:
#1 - In June 2004, IEM Inc., announced it would lead the catastrophic hurrican disaster plan under a MORE THAN HALF A MILLION dollar contract with FEMA for SE Louisiana and the City of New Orleans (wonder what they did for that money). Satellite phones were purchased by Emergency communication groups...except for New Orleans, they used the money to purchase pickups instead. No one anticipated the wholesale disaster...but I bet you'll find that some guestimated it and it was ignored!!!
#2- There were water and MRE's delivered to the Superdome for 15,000 people to last 3 days. Even with the added people this should have been adequate for at least 2 days.
#3- Bush declared a state of emergency prior to the hurrican3 to open the door for her to request full Federal support and he reiterated a declaration of disaster 2 more times afterward. How many times does he need to declare it!!
#4 - Finally, they are now making it a race issue. This is NOT a race issue but a class issue. No city, state, or Federal government is prepared to handle our homeless, indigent, elderly, etc. at a time of crisis regardless of color. They can't even handle these issues in the good times. If they had been white or rich would it have happened? The rich left the city!!! White, if they could afford it most of them did too except the ones that fit the above listed category. So let's not use that one.

This timeline was very good and for the most part as accurate as can be portrayed until all the info comes in. thanks for the good work

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