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I have always believed that we do not always know what our government is doing. Lately is seems that the left is just angry THEY do not know everything.

It is irresponsible to assume that we would be "safe" if everybody knew everything. We are part of a large world not just the USA.

Besides, if you have a social security number, the government already knows about you. You cannot expect that our government will protect you only when it is convienent for you.

Security is a full time operation. If you owned a large corparation you would use the best technology available to help you compete in the market and not worry about feel-good junk.

You can disagree about his policy or his decisions, but he is the President of the United States and in a time of grave threats against our society, he must be allowed to use all the tools available to him to protect us.

I wonder, would the left make this same fuss if a Democrat was in office? A serious report of the true nature of this policy should be made. But, we cannot seek to endanger our own country.

Comment Posted By Kathie Neville On 16.05.2006 @ 13:46



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