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Jay @ 1:11

Good points. Diversity for Dems does have its rules, e.g. being “rich” is bad and so they need to be punished. I visit the Afrosphere (blogosphere was too white for many African-Americans…don’t ask how color can be seen on the internet) a lot since seeing Rev. Wright, and terms like “hankie head” and “house negro” are used there to insult blacks who are not “Field Negros.” Then there is Whoopi and the N-Word…sheesh!

Comment Posted By Karmi On 4.08.2008 @ 14:16

I think that the term “racist” will have less influence after this year, especially after the racist Black Liberation Theology becomes more exposed. James Cone’s book - Black Theology and Black Power - was the “seminal work that systemized black liberation theology”. In it he states – “Black hatred is the black man’s strong aversion to white society. No black man living in white America can escape it”, and tries to claim that “black hatred is not racism” by using one definition of racism from a Webster’s dictionary. Its racism…simple as that and Cone knows it.

Basically, the former victims of racism have now become the racists and I for one am quick to point out their racist behavior…probably before they can call me one. Obama spent about 20 years following that racist Black Liberation Theology doctrine, and avoids explaining why. Until he can explain why, I consider him a racist, since the evidence clearly suggests that he is.

Comment Posted By Karmi On 4.08.2008 @ 12:40



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