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Don't send her to the Hague, send her to the minors! I had great fun with Ruthie over this at my blog.


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I'm inclined to agree with your original thoughts rather than the retribution crowd, but not for multicultural or sympathetic reasons. Check out Hugh Hewitt makes the argument that we don't want Danish cartoonists setting the time and place of our cultural conflict with Islam. I'd argue that we don't need to stand up for the cartoonists any more than we need to stand up for Hollywood's "The Last Temptation of Christ."

The Islamofascists rioting over cartoons adds exactly what to our list of reasons to oppose them? It's like having your neighbor blow up your toolshed and kill your dog, but then getting even angrier when his watering moistens your sidewalk.

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I think that many blogs and commentators have too simplistic approach to this conflict. Islamists are bad! If you stop for a moment and look at the world from their point of view, one might see more in common with the Moslems than one thinks. Europe's aggressive secularism, lax drug laws, legal prostitution and the rest of their permissive morality must make a horrific place to try and raise Moslem children. We get all bent out of shape here in the US because of permissiveness in our public schools, but it's probably much worse there. I know I send my kids to Catholic school to keep them away from the amoral public schools in our area.

We recently visited Vancouver and found drug addicts on every street corner. Coming back from an evening stroll through downtown we passed all manner of addicts, including one hiding in a dark doorway with his thighs slashed and bleeding. It looked self-inflicted. At the time, they still had their drug addict tent city in downtown. You had to go past it to get to Chinatown. Words fail me.

I'm not excusing the bombers and the loonies. I'm suggesting that Americans may have more values in common with the common Moslem than they do the Europeans. I'm not that eager to stand up and defend people who mock religion and support drug use and prostitution.

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