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I will vote for McClain, but I do agree the premise that an Obama election will most likely cause a deep recession. Could his election trigger a depression. Possibily and that would cause a world wide recession. We could live thru his term in office. I just do not want to.

Comment Posted By JUNIOR On 17.09.2008 @ 13:51


W = greatest president ever. who will be there at his funeral?

Comment Posted By Junior On 28.12.2006 @ 16:17

you still support a moron, wanna-be dictator. the dems are a separate issue. will the time ever come when people say, "you know what, this guy REALLY is an idiot!" i guess a man can dream...

harry reid is going to be known as the greatest majority leader ever to serve in the senate. you mark my words- GREATEST EVER! how about you all start showing some respect for the incoming senate majority leader and take the high road in returning civility to political discourse inn this country

Comment Posted By Junior On 28.12.2006 @ 12:43

yawn. it says a lot about the left that harry reid doesn't show up for Prez Ford's ceremony. It says a lot about the right that they bl;indly support a moron, wanna-be dictator. that's right, I said it. you wrote this post just to stir up trolls, didn;t you? admit it, you love to stir up the trolls so you can get a good name calling match started. "libs are dumb!" "wing nuts are stupid!" blah, blah, blah. RIP Gerry Ford.

Comment Posted By Junior On 28.12.2006 @ 11:49



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