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I wanted to gently let you know that "Pheonix" is spelled wrong. It is spelled "Phoenix." I don't know if it was intentional or not, if so, please disregard.

Comment Posted By Julie On 25.04.2007 @ 12:26


The serious plan for invasion and occuptation under General Zinni assumed enough troops to impose order, secure ammunition dumps and borders and all the rest.

It also assumed that rebuilding must start quickly because we did not have the forces to mantain an occupation for long.

However as you will recall little effort was made to begn rebuilding; experienced individuals were not used, instead recinstruction was managed by rcent college graduates whose resumes were listed at Heritage Foundation thus ensuring political correctness, 20 billion in Iraqi oil for food money went primarily to American corporations and was refused to Iraqi companies because these were stil government owned, the goal was capitalism. the prode of our rebilding was was hat 28 million was distributed to army commanders in the first six months for local rebuilding. Garner's people had started negotiatins with officers representing a hundred thousand troops but this was broken by Bremer who iniatially tried to stop paychecks to old officers.

We blew the "honeymoon" that expers said we had and as Shineski reminded us we don't have a 12+ division army.

In your magical world we may have troops to do anything, but Rumsfeld doesn't like ground forces. They are 20 billion short of basic equipment since that isn't particularly juicy pork and as these entry points out they are already overextended.

We don't have forces for your grand plan.

Comment Posted By Julie On 22.08.2006 @ 15:00


Appointing people based on their adherence to any particular dogma is wrong. That said, fundamentalist Christians are wrong about the way the world works. The universe was not created in six days and our species is not the special creation of a supernatural being. Life has evolved on Earth for millions of years and we have all sorts of evidence to back that up. (See If you do not accept these facts, then you are not qualified to deal with reality or hold a position in government.

Comment Posted By Julie On 30.11.2005 @ 18:24



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