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I have a healthy respect for your opinions and you make a compelling arguement here, but I believe the supporters of all the Presidents policies thus far maybe be getting tunnel vision here. In part I believe it is because we are continuously bombarded with how immoral and evil our interrogators are becoming. I do believe that we need well defined guidelines of interrogation that are very explicit, "Army proof" if you will. Now that all being said, let me say my piece. One of my jobs I trained for while in the military would have be to guard these prisoners. It upsets me to no end to here comparisons of my bothers in arms to the Nazis or the Russian gulag. While there are a few that would and will always push their sadistic ways on those they feel they have power over, but there are far more who would not. To simply say this has run rampant throughout the system would be to say we have all lost our integrity. Integrity is the virtue that is stressed the most and what most of us took pride in. So you really have to ask yourself this question, how is it that we have to come to learn of these incidents to begin with? I say it is because of the integrity of those directly or indirectly involved. Secondly, although asked but never really investigated, what do the people who give out this information have to gain from this exposure? As you have pointed out previously there is another war going on here. Elements of the government vs. the administration. Let's face it, if there really was a cover up within the military this kind of stuff would not see the light of day. The fact that we are hearing about it implies there is internal investigations going on to punish offenders and curb further offenses. Also, doesn't it seem odd that most of this reports are from a few years ago, I would rather here about what we are doing today to ensure these kinds of things are not still going on. Ultimatley that is what has to be answered. If the administration would get off their butts and answer what is being done today there probably would not be wavering support from people like yourself.

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