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three toed sloth strikes again. Nothing much objectionable in what Obama said from the point of view of economic theory. The comment about "bubble and bust" is an empirical statement, not a theoretical statement. And yes bubbles and busts are avoidable, that is the job of the fed to constrain, to take away the punchbowl before the party gets started as Greenspan would say... the business cycle, which is what you are referring to, is unavoidable, but this is not what Obama is talking about. They (his advisers) vetted these statements anyhow. I am not claiming Obama knows more than a three toe sloth, but his advisers certainly do. Sorry Rick.

Comment Posted By Josh On 25.03.2009 @ 15:58


I have been reading this site for around 2 years now, originally off a link from instapundit. I always liked your insight and writing, but this site has grown stale. No matter what, everything conservatives do is wrong and the sky is always falling. Look back 7 years ago, and your blog is an exact copy of every hysterical liberal blog.

Comment Posted By Josh On 28.02.2009 @ 02:45


Smart conservatives, as Douthat calls them, make a lot of sense; more sense, economically, than the left. And I think a majority of Americans can usually get behind what they say.

The trouble is the addition of socio-religious experiments into the political process. I would have voted McCain if he had picked a rational, business-minded conservative running mate -- a Giuliani for example. Look -- even New York voted for Giuliani. What does that say? That conservatism's success in the future, in an increasingly white collar country that's run by increasingly secular power structures and managed by basically secular suburbanites (not by religious exurbanites), is contingent upon sticking to the core economic issues, and jettisoning the religious wing of the Republican party. Once the two are separated, I think the religious faction will have about as much pull as the Libertarians do right now. Meanwhile, the GOP will be able to absorb the Libertarians into its fold.

For me, the GOP platform makes sense in a lot of ways, but I'm so constantly offended by the high-handed moralizing babble, and things like the choice of Sarah Palin, that I can't in good conscience vote Republican. Take away the anti-abortion activism, the creationism, the attempts to put the ten commandments in front of the courthouse, the constant appeals to the most ignorant people in the country to live in fear of 'those who've declared a war on christmas'... just stick to the economics and the fundamentals and leave the religious nuts to go out and shoot themselves in the foot, stop stirring up fear among the religious population of what we secular "liberals" are doing in the cities with our homosexuality and our party drugs...and I promise a lot of the so-called liberals will rally behind you because at the end of the day, we don't like paying taxes either.

We're just too smart to be preached to by the likes of Sean Hannity, and it offends us.

Comment Posted By Josh On 5.11.2008 @ 05:19


your other cat is named aramas?

Yep. He had two other male littermates that we called Athos and Porthos.


Comment Posted By Josh On 30.07.2008 @ 09:10


I am a conflicted voter, my sentiments are with the left but my reason is with the right. But I am not a conflicted American. This is not the time for a conflicted American. There is something to protect here, which is more important than what needs to be improved. We have established an empire, a world order that benefits us as well as others. We have a lot to lose. China looms. Russia looms. Resources dwindle.

We cannot afford this muddle:

better a warrior than a lawyer

Comment Posted By Josh On 16.03.2008 @ 15:13


Chipped in $25. Go Fred!

Comment Posted By Josh On 26.12.2007 @ 17:32


The top 3: Jesus Christ, Karl Marx, and Muhammad. As I see the world, the movements founded by these three are the broadest and deepest existing "philosophies”. Jesus: I sputtered at the comment that He is not influential. Faith in Jesus as the crucial factor of the universe is shared by a third of mankind, including a massive chunk of world leaders. Jesus influences billions every day, including most of the other “most influential” people. Karl Marx: Not only did his teachings lead directly to the deaths of scores of millions, it has become the unifying force of the secular mindset, and not only in economic terms. The ultimate goal of Marxism/socialism/nihilism is the destruction of Western civilization, as explained by David Horowitz in "Unholy Alliance". Muhammad: His followers conquered vast portions of the world and the Jihad for a global Caliphate is yet in its first millennium. Oh wait, it's because George W. Bush did something or other. Never mind.

Scientists: Einstein with a bullet. The revelations of his annus mirabilis may not have come for many centuries but for him, and the tangible implication of his works - the nuclear bomb, which swayed the course of World War II and the fate of the world - is only part of the equation (pun intended without shame). His relativity theory truly redefined humanity’s understanding of the nature of the physical universe and replaced centuries-old theories by... Newton: Gravity, calculus, and the Fig Newton. Darwin: Had a huge influence on scientists and fascists and, more importantly, (supposedly) gave an intellectual stamp on secularism.

Other: Washington: No Washington, no USA, no cars, planes, or internet? Martin Luther: What Mr. Moran said. Shakespeare: what Ghosty said.

Rounding out the top 10, the guy who made the formula for Frappucinos.

Note: I think that it is fair for the list to lean heavily to modern figures because the direction of progress is exponential. It is worth noting that the influence of the top few may outweigh the rest combined.

Comment Posted By Josh On 22.07.2006 @ 00:48


"you can’t round up 11 million people and put them…where?"

That makes the 114th time I have heard "you can't round up 11 million people" and the 0th time I have heard "we need to round up 11 million people."

No one is proposing rounding up 11 million people, but good job attacking the biggest straw man of the last decade.

Comment Posted By Josh On 1.04.2006 @ 14:01



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