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Bottom Line:

We (American Citizens) need to wake up and fight for our own country and culture. I totally agree with MarkJ and feel we do not have to make up for Mexico's failures or any others for that matter. We DO have enough people in this country. Like Australia, we should require skills and make assimilation mandatory for anyone we do let in.
Political correctness be dammed! It is a shame when being patriotic and pro-American is cause to be labeled "racist" by people with an Anti-American agenda. The fact that we let them get away with it is unbelievable! Wake up people or we are going to end up like France: Mob rule, lost culture, unimportant destroyed from within.

Jeff - You are a boob and a liberal self delusional fool. Google that!

Comment Posted By JonR On 3.05.2006 @ 14:04



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