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Right, I can make the case against illegal aliens with being racist because I am not racist. I don't care which country they come from and what colour their skin. If our country "needs" them, then figure out how to legally get them here, and not just to import an underclass of Democrat voters either, ala Obamas immigration scheme, coming soon to a broken state near you.
The fact is we don't need them, we are aborting out our population growth, subsidizing laziness and broken families and giving our country away.

I can always go to the emergency room and get treated and say No habla Ingles, dont you think Richard, and not have to pay my bill. That is what my counterparts are doing as they are willing to work for 5$ or 10$ an hour and live 10 in a house and drive 6 in a pickup truck, single cab I may add.
All I can say is you get what you pay for and our country is getting what we deserve with Chinese manufactured junk and illegal immigrant labor. No loyalty, no country.

Comment Posted By JohntT On 31.01.2010 @ 10:06

OOf, I guess I should have read all comments first, Richard is skimming the bottom of the barrel isn't he??
Illegal aliens have destroyed this State and economy mr.bottoms, would you like to come try and compete against illegal aliens in the Construction Industry in CA? You would perish in an instant, like most of the law abiding businesses here. Only the Unions, and they are just barely, and those who are willing to break the Law(using illegal alien, tax payer subsidized workers)are managing to keep afloat in my area right now. With a few well connected exceptions, of course. Well connected in a good and honest way, too there are still some of those opportunities out there.
To deny that illegal aliens didn't contribute all the manpower to overbuild in the bubble is to have not paid attention here. Those jobs that Americans wouldn't do were just jobs that there were too few Americans to get to. And now we know why, because the economy could not sustain all those jobs and people.
I would bet Rick Bottoms has a Government job or is "getting" money somehow. Or is that Rick's alter ego?

Comment Posted By JohntT On 31.01.2010 @ 09:04

As a conservative Independent who rejected the Republicans as they meandered into the wasteland in 06 and 08 I reject Obama, too.
I ended up voting for the Repub's anyway but with no donating, and little to no enthusiasm. My congress man Lungren won, but CA is solid Democrat. I say get an agenda out there now and then when the contract is drawn it has some depth and background. I hate last second political gamesmanship. I know its between a rock and a hard place to time the message just right so our short attention spanned electorate will retain the necessary information, so start building the case right now that Republicans ideas are what this country needs, NOW.

Comment Posted By JohntT On 31.01.2010 @ 08:48



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