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Buckley isn't like today's Conservatives. He actually had an education. This current group of conservative "scholars" are nothing but ideologically driven hacks who are on the take from nutter stink tanks.

Imagine my chagrin when I hear that my viewpoints are being expressed at NYT by Bill Kristol, one of the biggest idiots God ever put guts into.

That said, Buckley was wrong about welfare, wrong about warfare and everything he predicted would happen didn't.

Nice tribute though

Comment Posted By Johnno On 28.02.2008 @ 11:14


As a life long right winger, I hate to say it but it's the right wing that has caused the precipitous collapse of the US public School systems. It is church groups crowding into school board meetings and promoting creationism and denying the plain factual science of global warming and pushing other flat earth theories down our kids throats.

We spend upwards of 40% of the GDP on weaponry and defense and about one percent on education. As one iof my favorite bloggerswrites: we have smart bombs and dumb kids. In fact the European and Indian kids who used to come here to get a great university level education are now back in Europe. Our Visa tightening did little to make us safer while it made it harder for students to get into the country. This is also one of the results of this disasterously prosecuted war on terror.

It also doesn't help that conservative children generally test a lot lower on apptitude tests than the children of liberal families. It's sad but true.

I have being reading comments here and hate to say it guys, but there are not too many geniuses here

Comment Posted By Johnno On 27.02.2008 @ 09:42



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