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Sorry folks, but I see it as a photo op…another one of his administration’s rookie mistakes.

Only one of the families agreed to allowed photographers. Would Obama have gone knowing that no photographers would have been there? I personally doubt it.

President Bush did meet with some of the families and one can argue if he should have met with more than he did. However, he went out of his way to make sure it was private and not seen as a photo op. Obama did the opposite and the press is clear to mention this and show those moving pictures to the masses.

Just my two cents…

Comment Posted By JohnMc On 30.10.2009 @ 09:51


Pastor Hagee has changed is attitude toward the Catholic Church and has apologized.

Quoted from article: “Catholic League accepts Hagee apology
Posted by Foon Rhee, deputy national political editor May 13, 2008 04:05 PM

The Rev. John Hagee -- who in some eyes threatened to become to John McCain what the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. became to Barack Obama -- has apologized for remarks that offended many Catholics.
Catholic League President Bill Donohue said in a statement today that he accepted the apology and any dispute is over.

"After weeks of meeting with various Catholic leaders, and accessing scholarly literature on Catholic-Jewish relations, Pastor John Hagee has demonstrated an improved understanding of the Catholic Church and its history. In his letter to me, Hagee says, 'I want to express my deep regret for any comments that Catholics have found hurtful.' He specifically cites his emphasis of 'the darkest chapters in the history of Catholic and Protestant relations with the Jews,' and has pledged to provide a more complete and balanced portrayal going forward that will not reinforce mischaracterizations of the Catholic Church. And while he stresses that his invocation of terms like 'apostate church' and the ‘great whore’ were never meant by him to describe the Catholic Church, he acknowledges that anti-Catholics have long employed such language," Donohue said in his statement.

"The tone of Hagee’s letter is sincere. He wants reconciliation and he has achieved it. Indeed, the Catholic League welcomes his apology. What Hagee has done takes courage and quite frankly I never expected him to demonstrate such sensitivity to our concerns. But he has done just that. Now Catholics, along with Jews, can work with Pastor Hagee in making interfaith relations stronger than ever. Whatever problems we had before are now history. This case is closed."

Comment Posted By JohnMc On 23.05.2008 @ 14:03


What seems to be missing from this debate is the consequence of the USA doing nothing, or “accepting” a nuclear Iran.

If we, A) fail to stop them diplomatically, and/or B) decide that military option isn’t worth the risks, at some point Israel will act against Iran.

People can debate that Israel “lacks the resources” to get the job done, but they have found ways to make things work time and time again and no one should dismiss them out of hand on this brewing crisis.

And, don’t think for a minute that a president can “force” Israel from not defending itself in this situation. They know that the worst than could happen would be a rough four years with an adversarial US administration. No president is going to totally cut off all aid to Israel. The Evangelicals and Jewish Lobby would throw and absolute fit if that happens.

Regardless of either outcome, this country better start preparing itself for a very bad outcome one way or another. There is no way out of this shit sandwich other than swallowing it.

Comment Posted By JohnMc On 8.05.2008 @ 07:43

Seriously though, you want to talk about a nightmare scenario…?

Think about a President Obama with a filibuster-proof, Democratic Congress!

Now that’s almost scarier than hell itself!

Comment Posted By JohnMc On 7.05.2008 @ 15:59

No need to worry.

Obama will win in a landslide. Then, as president, he’ll sit down with the Iranians face to face and tell them to stop.

Since Obama’s presidency will all be about “change”, the Iranians will change their minds and they’ll stop their nuclear ambitions.

Only Obama can get them to stop…after all, his father was muslin.

McCain will simply bomb the shit out of them.

Comment Posted By JohnMc On 7.05.2008 @ 14:30


Write it down now...Headline: November 5th, 2008...Obama Wins In A Landslide!

McCain doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of winning against Obama in November.

(A Reagan Conservative)

Comment Posted By JohnMc On 14.02.2008 @ 09:24


Well, I still say as I did in another post, keep him from Ground Zero, but let him speak to whoever wants to hear what he has to say. The more he speaks, the more crazier he and his ideology sound.

Then, let the liberal appeasers take their stand. They will either see him as a threat to be dealt with or someone to be bought off as in the Clinton Era.

As Reagan said, the average American is smart enough to figure things out on their own and the liberals will dig themselves a little more deeper in their hole with the fly-over states.

Let him speak at Columbia, I think it will be a fun horror show to watch.

Comment Posted By johnmc On 22.09.2007 @ 11:39


I will add this, while I strongly oppose a visit by him to Ground Zero, I more than welcome his meeting at the UN, Columbia University, and elsewhere.

Why? Because the more airtime this guy gets, the better it helps the case to stop the Axis Of Evil. Let him speak and answer questions. Let the American people listen and pay attention to those who help to advance his cause and agree with his ideas all in the name of peace.

Grab some popcorn, this should be a good show.

Comment Posted By johnmc On 21.09.2007 @ 12:42


“I think the interview with Ahmadinejad reveals a calculating, insulting, lying scumbag who believes we are a bunch of dumb-asses.”

I respectfully disagree. The leaders of Iran have always been misunderstanding of the west. If you read Mark Bowden’s latest book, Guests of the Ayatollah: The First Battle in America's War with Militant Islam you’ll get a clear picture how much they don’t get the whole American culture then and now. That’s why the analogy of comparing them to the Soviets and being rational could be a huge miscalculation on the level of pre-Pearl Harbor, or pre-9/11. We were blind to a Japanese attack on that base because we assumed it was totally impractical for Japan to pull it off.

Iran is a theocracy, where Syria and N. Korea are not. Those two regimes are aligned with Iran for no other reason than to survive and to stay in power. Not so for Iran. They focus their entire government on the teachings and enforcing of the Koran. It is the word of their god directly from him. Not so with Christians who (for the most part) believe the Bible to be the word of God written through man and thus can be interpreted in different ways. For people in the West that are not religiously devoted, it’s almost incomprehensible to them to believe that they won’t act in rational thought as most western countries do.

To put things into context, Iran’s religious and government theocracy would be akin to the US being run by the very extreme religious right. I’m not talking about the average pro-life Methodist, or Baptist. I’m talking Arian Nation, President of the US Timothy McVeigh types…and don’t even try to put Bush in that category. Bush would be see as a liberal to those people.

I agree with Rick, he really doesn't understand the American people or culture, and that could be a very dangerous miscalculation on their part.

Comment Posted By johnmc On 21.09.2007 @ 07:43


"The way out is for independents and moderate republicans to force Bush to end this thing."

Ok, how do we end it without leaving behind a disaster?

Or, do you have no problems in withdrawing to leave hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to the slaughter?

It's pretty nice to be able to live in this great country of ours and not have to worry about such trivial matters as having people beat, rape, and murder our families with impunity. [sarcasm off]

Comment Posted By johnmc On 14.09.2007 @ 14:44


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