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Ah, now it's clear why Gonzales did all that smiling yesterday. He knows fascist Karl has all those Repug senators by the balls. They've all gotten the word: Step one inch out of line, guys, and you will be on the LIST.

Which will mean no more big $$$$, no more face time with the Preznit, and you might even find yourself framed as soft on terra. In this country, that's the kiss of death.

He's smiling, too, because he knows that the Democrats are too busy pissing their pants and covering their asses to mount any serious challenge, no matter WHAT laws Preznit and his fascist gang decide to break.

Karl is is fabulous form these days, no matter what that special prosecutor is doing with his Plame grand jury. Karl saw Hillary's face when Bush alluded to Bill during SOTU. Karl also heard Jon Stewart say "That look is where a boner goes to die."

But Karl just smiles, 'cuz his boner is still riding high. So grab your ankles, boys & girls. The fun has just begun.

Comment Posted By John Palcewski On 7.02.2006 @ 02:01



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