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Wonderful point about why Coulter has to act crazy. It is hard to believe (but true) that she has a good legal mind, that she was on Michigan Law Review, that she made a significant contribution to both the Paula Jones case and the Florida recount controversy. If she had wanted to, she could have been a first-rate right wing commentator, perhaps ala George Will, perhaps ala the Volokh Conspiracy. The problem is that once one has developed a reputation for lunacy, there is no going back even if one wants to (and there is no indication that she does -- but she will). The National Review and the Weekly Standard won't touch her. If she tried to change her tone, she would lose her following (and her $30,000 "lecture" fees). What's left? Genuine trouble, that's what.

Comment Posted By John Mack On 13.02.2006 @ 10:42



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