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I am curious to know if anyone has done research on what it would take for the Earths atmosphere to become similar to the atmosphere of venus? Does anyone think that this is possible. Could a Super Volcano, like the one in Yellowstone, or a series of them cause a dramatic change in our greenhouse effect. If so, how much? I would like it if someone could email me information about this toppic. I recently have been wondering what would happen if our carbon dioxide levels were raised dramatically by a super volcano? What does anyone out there think is possible in scenarios like this; viz. a super volcano increases our CO2 to the point that the polar caps melt. The North American Continent becomes mostly uninhabitable due to volcanic activity and toxic gasses, then to top it off, our coastal cities are flooded when the ice caps melt. Do you think that the rest of the world would take us in, in a situation like that?

Comment Posted By John Leroy Bis-Bal On 6.06.2006 @ 07:22



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