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Saw a transcript of an interview done by Brian Lamb on Booknotes, which transcript was fisked by the interviewee himself, Thomas P.M. Barnett, a very smart guy. At first Barnett was ticked off at Lamb for the tone and content of some questions, but soon realized that it was one of the best interviews he had ever seen or been a part of. Lamb long ago explained that he interviews authors based on what he thinks viewers want to know, and that he often asks questions to which he already knows the answers. The point is, it is mistaken to always think a reporter's questions reflect or reveal his prejudices. A lot of it is just information gathering technique.

That said, I think the people in the media in general and especially in the White House Press Room need a good lesson in civility. For you kids, it all started with Dan Rather at an East Room press conference with Nixon, when DR sassed him and Nixon did not bite back. There's a tape around somewhere.

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