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JUNE 28, 1863

Jubal Early was not in command of "Jackson's old outfit". He was a division commander. General Ed Johnson had Jackson's old brigade in his division. Dick Ewell commanded most of Jackson's former Corps.

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JK Moran
Actually Calhoun commanded "L" company not "C" company. It also is intersting in that most of the command officers fell on Last Stand Hill - Custer, his brother Tom (Captain), Yates (EF company commader), Algernon Smith (E Company), adjutant W.W. Cooke, Van Buskirk, Reilly, and several others. By the way the number of Indian warriors was somewhere between 1,500 and maybe 2,000 (if one counts the youths who probably bore arms). I saw the History Detectives documentary that you alluded to and you are right - it was a Poltically Correct homage to the "Native Americvans."

As far as Yellow Tavern goes- Stuart was not expected to be victorious in that battle. He was outnumbered more then 4-1 and his opponents had repeaters as well as healthier horses. However as the monument to Stuart at Yellow Tavern says "HE WAS KILLED BUT HE SAVED RICHMOND." He did save Richmond and in many ways it was JEB's finest hour.

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The major Indian opponent of Custer that day was nto Crazy Horse but Gall (the adopted brother of Sitting Bull). It was Gall who led the Hunkpapa Circle which first defeated Major Reno (3 companies)in the Valley and then Gall led the frontal attack on Custer's battalion (5 companies) while Crazy Horse (Lakota)and Two Moons (Norhern Cheyenne) attacked from the flank and rear. Gall is not nearly as well known as Crazy Horse probably because he eventually made his peace wtih the White Man and did not die a martyrs death.

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Logan was the 1884 Republican (not the Democratic) nominee for Vice President (James G. Blaine of Maine was the Presidential nominee). Grover Cleveland won the race becoming the first Democratic President since the Civil War.

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