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You can count me in the Chloe pool. Especially after seeing that snippet of Morris crying out for help. Honestly, I've been more mezmerized by Morris than Cloe this season. Hey, if they can uncerimoniously dump Edgar, Cloe is fair game! Question is, who would Jack be able to count on to cover for him at CTU if Chloe finally bites the dust?

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"Please give your ideas for a proper Chloe response in the comments."

My humble suggestion:

Cloe: (rolls eyes) Well, let me long does eternity last again? Oh, right. Nevermind.

"Is there anything Chloe wouldn’t do for Jack? I mean, in a purely non-biblical way?"

If we're lucky, we'll have a full-blown Jack/Cloe/Morris love triangle (if only to relieve the tedium of Milo/Nadia). Best Case Scenario: in the final episode Cloe/Audrey/Marylin challenge each other to a mud-wrastlin' tournament - "winner" gets to take Jack home and keep him.

In past seasons, the writers always managed to pull off at least one plot twist that I didn't see coming. Aside from Graem turning out to be Jack's brother (and perhaps Jack's surprising willingness to shoot Curtis), there haven't really been too many twists and turns that surpised me this year. Did anyone really believe Audrey was dead (I mean, besides Jack)? Or that Wayne would follow through on a nuclear attack?

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