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Moderates? Who Needs 'em

As a Democrat I totally agree with Frank the Tank.Conservatives aren't bad people, but the Limbaugh wing on the gop makes my stomach turn. That wing behaves like their smarter than me,more religeous than me, more patriotic than me, and if I disagree with anything on their litmus test, I'm a bad American. And by the way Rick, great article. I guess my beef with the sane conservatives, is that they've let the Limbaugh wing run rampant over the rest of conservatives. Limbaugh pushes away moderate conservatives and independents. His and others of his ilk are trying to "purify" the gop. People like Frank the Tank see this and know it will be the downfall of the gop. My question....why does the Limbaugh wing have so much sway over the gop? The gop leadership is scared to cross him, when they do, their apologizing 24 hours later. OMG, a radio talk show host is the defacto leader of the gop. Amazing

Comment Posted By Joe On 29.04.2009 @ 18:09


Lets see, no HHS secretary yet. I wonder if the reason is because braindead gop senators are playing politics with Kathleen Sebelius? Its all fun and games until we actually need her on the job. But because she is pro-choice, the neanderthals that make up the gop, have to win some brownie points with their equally braindead base. But, its so much easier to blame Obama. When everything else fails, blame Obama. The party of no, the party of no new ideas. Obama golfed while the pandemic swept across America! OMG, whats wrong with Obama? I wonder if the gop/conservative movement ever gets tired of lies and innuendo? I doubt it, they just keep on shooting themselves in the foot.

Comment Posted By Joe On 27.04.2009 @ 17:34


Anyone who defends torture is just mentally sick. Its another one of the litmus test to be a conservative today, you have to defend torture. The fact that its inhumane and against the law means nothing to these people. How about the people that were tortured that turned out to be innocent? Probably just collateral damage in the minds of the hardcore right. John Yoo was basically told to write up some legal mumbojumbo that would make breaking the law, legal. Ponder that one for a while. My mind jumps to the point in Frost/Nixon, when Nixon screeches"when the president does it, its not illegal." Bush and John Woo can't make law on the fly, this is far from being over and Bushco better start lawyering up.

Comment Posted By Joe On 25.04.2009 @ 14:42


Guys like Limbaugh preach their hate 24/7 and Rick is worried a gay group outing gay republicans. No one of the Democratic side is cheering these folks on. I guess America has woken up to the facts that most conservatives are hyprocrites. Especially ones that are outraged at the drop of a hat. The gop stands for nothing and shows us every day.

Comment Posted By Joe On 24.04.2009 @ 19:50


Hey Aj, the previous administration invaded Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Now thats king sized idiots. Bush was a fool, all neo-cons were fools.

Comment Posted By Joe On 23.04.2009 @ 18:00


So Rick, 100 million is just chump change? Its small, but its a start. Or are you just looking for something to attack Obama over? Constant negative attacks from conservatives just hurts their cause. People want new ideas not just Limbaughesque partisanship. All conservatism is doing is isolating themselves. Your side is like the little boy who crys wolf all the time, people eventually just tune you out, even if you have a legitimate gripe. My sense is your side is just flailing around, not knowing which way to turn, lashing out at anything. Get some ideas, instead of constant whining!

Comment Posted By Joe On 20.04.2009 @ 18:28


I swear to God Rick that nothing this president does is right with you. Has he made mistakes, of course he has, but the rightwing is so bitter towards Obama it makes me sick. All your side does is bash him. This makes my support for him go thru the roof. If your side wants a war of ideology, I say bring it. We have demographics on our side and we will continue to crush the gop in elections. There is no way to discuss rationally with rightwingers anymore. Its either their way or nothing. I hope Obama reaches out more to our enemies, we don't follow Bushies cowboy diplomacy, we actually have rational thought. Your side is just attack dog 24/7. So be it, see ya at the polls in 2010.

Comment Posted By Joe On 20.04.2009 @ 18:42


But Rick, thats the thing, hardcore conservatives don't want to change. Society changes, old school conservatives want to stick to Ozzie and Harriet norms. Thats why the gop got killed with the 18-29 year old demographic in the 2008 election. I respect people who cling to their "values", but the thing is, they'll end up in the political wilderness. My 26 year old daughter, and 24 year old son, both told me their peers don't care if gays get married. Let the evangelicals rail against it, no one is listening.

Comment Posted By Joe On 19.04.2009 @ 08:59


Listened to Hanitty today, the big draw at the Atlanta Tea Party. He spent 3 hours ripping on Obama, Democrats, and liberals. The gop lost the election so now their sole purpose is to attack Obama. The tea parties were supported by Dick Armey, Fox News and other assorted gop millionaires. Please don't insult my intelligence about how the tea parties were non-partisan, what a crock. The rightwing sees how popular Obama is,they are in full panic mode to dent his popularity before its a lost cause. Good luck with that. As I have stated before, Obama is further to the left than I am, but as I see the assault on him from the right, I will defend him with everything I've got. To me, Rush, Hanitty and co are bullies, plain and simple. They see their perverted ideology being rejected by the American people, which makes them that much more panicked. Rabble rousers which are trying to incite people. Their just plain dangerous.

Comment Posted By Joe On 16.04.2009 @ 19:18


Lets see, spend a trillion for a unnecessary war in Iraq, alright for the rightwing,tax cuts for the uber wealthy, alright for the rightwing. Bush vetoed zero spending bills, alright with the rightwing. Obama, giving tax cuts to 95% of Americans, rightwingers run to the streets protesting that socialist Obama. The gop is a poor excuse for a political party and probably the reason they are wandering in the political wilderness. And still, they don't get it. Even with Fox News trying to carry their water, the gop is a joke. Maybe gop states can secede like Rick Perry and Chuck Noriss want, good luck.

Comment Posted By Joe On 15.04.2009 @ 19:00

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