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Wow, writing Obama's obituary 6 months in. I guess the "wag the dog" attacks against Obama is a good way to avoid the Mark Sanford, John Ensign and the Sarah "I quit" Palin scandals. When the dinosaurs of the gop are out of ideas, I guess they go back to Rove's playbook of attacking the Dems 24/7. Everyone knows the healthcare situation is out of control, but when Obama tries to tackle it, suddenly he's Jimmy Carter....yeah right. Keep on under estimating him Rick, just like Hillary Clinton and John McCain did. He'll outsmart you guys, just like he did with those two. The progressive movement is still out here, were not going away, our numbers are large, and we don't sit around waiting for change, we demand it and fight for it and give money towards it. The gop is dead, intellectually and number wise, attacks on Obama do not change that facts. If the gop leadership has nothing to say constructively, they should just shutup. This healthcare fight is just beginning, stay tuned.

The quality of your comments are so far below others on this site, I wonder what kind of arrogance you possess that you don't see what a fool you make of yourself.

You know little of politics, less of policy, and nothing of the ways of Washington. You mouth Democratic talking points not even understanding them.

This is a political analysis, much of which comes from Democratic lawmakers themselves if you bothered to read the post. Or perhaps you have trouble reading. And if you can't see the gigantic alteration of the relationship between the citizen and government implied by this bill, then you reveal yourself to be an ignoramus. Opposing such a change - especially when there are alternatives that you fail to acknowledge - is rational, reasoned political activity.

Please go somewhere else and spout your talking points. You drag down the quality of comments whenever you scribble something inane like above.


Comment Posted By Joe On 19.07.2009 @ 10:26


Won't the Senate Democrats and Republicans hash out a compromise that will at least insure the uninsured? And again, the Limbaugh wing of the party uses scare tactics, its the only thing they have left.

Comment Posted By Joe On 17.07.2009 @ 17:54


I voted for Obama but if he doesn't pull us out of this recession I will vote for Romney, because he is a number cruncher with economics. I too wonder if the evangelicals will vote for a Mormon. Palin is toast, a lightweight.

Comment Posted By Joe On 9.07.2009 @ 16:45


Obama, less than 6 months in is Jimmy Carter,yeah right.And Palin is the female Ronald Reagan,yeah right. Obama's base is out here, we're large, and motivated. Don't fool yourself thinking were just going to fade into the night. His organization is on standby, its not going away. Bush ruined the country, it will take Obama a while to get it re-started. Were not ready to throw Obama under the bus quite yet. Don't count Obama out yet pilgrims, and conservatives, better get your own house in order before you go gunning for Obama, savvy?

Comment Posted By Joe On 1.07.2009 @ 19:36


What a circus.

Can I actually know that this guy molested children? No, because I wasn't there. However, there are WAY too many factors that support inpropriety.

Seriously... if my son said that his friend's father invited him to sleep in the same bed with him, to "cuddle" and "tickle" like MJ said in one of his entirely creepy interviews, I'd have the guy arrested after he was released from intensive care. F-that. This guy was a freak and the rest of the freaks in the media are worshiping their own personal deity.

When our Lord Jesus Christ returns to open the wrath of God, it's not gonna be pretty for these folks.

Which master will they serve today... tomorrow...

Comment Posted By Joe On 7.07.2009 @ 12:30


A sure sign of Michael Reynolds post being the hard truth is the explosive rants from the neocon crowd. Hey wingnuts, you've tried the anger mode, all it did was turn off the moderates and independents in the country.Yeah, it fires up the base, but 23% of the electorate being fired up will keep you in the political wilderness.My Democratic party will stand toe to toe with any of your angry ideologues, that you can take to the bank.Old,angry,white men won't win elections, it just makes the gop bitter and petty.Limbaugh is destroying your party and you are totally blind to it.You have no ideas, just rage,eventually that rage will destroy your party. You listen to no one, your way too smart for that.Fine, please stay angry.Obama will continue to re-build the country Bush and Cheney destroyed.

Comment Posted By Joe On 18.06.2009 @ 12:13


Hey Michael S,I,ve tried discussing things with conservatives, they never give an inch,their ideology won,t let them.Michael R tries and then you people get all huffy and personal. My instincts tell me conservatives can,t accept that Obama won. As long as that persists conservatives will continue to make up fake controverseys,it must make being in the political wilderness a little easier. Obama is stomping his opposition, he's way smarter than his foes and will probably stomp his opponent in 2012. So my advice is, you better get used to him as president,your yelling at clouds will only sink the gop further than it already is. We own you, get over it.

Comment Posted By Joe On 17.06.2009 @ 09:40

Michael is right, more faux ourage from the conservative echo chamber.Out here in middle america this fake issue doesn,t even show up on the radar screen,only mindless rightwingers with too much time on their hands and their minions are fired up. The rest of us have heard them cry wolf so much it only falls on deaf ears.Limbaugh preaches his fearmongering endlessly, I hear no calls of outrage from the peanut gallery on that.ABC broadcasts from the whitehouse, and its the Third Reich all over again,get real conservatives, and then Americans might try listening to you again. Otherwise we will continue to whip you in elections until you get the message.

Comment Posted By Joe On 16.06.2009 @ 13:10


The neocons hate Obama Michael, you can't have a rational discussion with them. They attack Obama whenever he does, or says, anything. Rick, to his credit doesn't. I'm sure the invasion of Iraq by Bush and his cowboy rhetoric set relations back with moderate Muslims about 100 years.The neocons ignore this fact,Obama has to repair relations with the Muslim world.The neocons would rather bomb them into submission, they have no time for diplomacy. And they love the cutesy phrases like "dear leader" and messiah and "the one". Basically they wish they had a charismatic and intelligent leader like Obama. Instead they have retreads like Newt, and Rove, and Dick Moriss.The only thing that neocons fear is losing power, they are angry because they have been crushed in the last 2 elections. As their numbers shrink, they grow more shrill, which only pushes away the moderates and independents that are needed to win elections. A death spiral. good riddance.

Comment Posted By Joe On 4.06.2009 @ 19:27


So,Obama is incompetent, huh Rick?The same man that ran a presidential campaign that will be discussed in history books for it's brilliance. But magically that all disappeared when he entered the White House. Sure it did. And if conservatives tell themselves that enough times, doesn't that make it true? Are are you only trying to convince yourself?Because thats the sense I get. Yes, the poor waif Obama just got lucky to get elected, thats what it was Rick, he's not really that smart.Right.

Comment Posted By Joe On 1.06.2009 @ 19:14

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