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The ice core does not really show anything. Look at it this way 650K years is the blink of an eye in geological time and climate cycles for instance 600 million years ago the earth was a snowball then it warmed up over the course of ten million years due to CO2 warming with that said were is the CO2 now it was scrubbed from the atmosphere by rain. What has been found in Antarctica may be evidence of a natural upswing in CO2 levels due the climate getting dryer or some other factor than human activity. Here is a link to
in addition physicists have proven the sun is getting hotter that is why the polar caps on Mars have been observed to be shrinking. The bottom line is the earths climate is very complex and we don't have enough data yet to make any judgments.

Comment Posted By Joe On 29.11.2005 @ 23:47


Over at Powerline John Hindraker is taking the Democrat line about how this was meaningless I disagree. The vote is going to drop like a bomb in the Democrats hard core liberal base 99% of which are for immediate withdrawal (think Cindy Sheehan and the KOS KIDS) they had there chance to vote on what they have been tap dancing around for months but did not want to come right out and say it on record it proves all there bleating was just political BS, now if we could just get the senate to grow a backbone. I can't wait till tomorrow to hear the whimpering from the Dems this is going to be a fun weekend.

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Here is my email to my Senator.

I am not a one issue voter with one exception the War On Terror. Passage of the Warner amendment today was a great victory FOR OUR ENEMY'S AND THE CUT AND RUN LOBBY. I voted for you Senator how could you betray your base the President the troops and the Iraqi people with your yea vote Senator? This reminds me of how the withdrawal from Vietnam started. I am just an average American and don't have lots of money to contribute to political campaigns so this probably means nothing to you but I will not give any money to the Republican party and I may not even vote for you when you come up for reelection.



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As a liberal, I can say honestly that the Democrats were cowardly and leaderless when they voted for the war resolution...and now they are trying to say that they actually were all against it. Not suprising, if you read and liberal blogs, you rapidly realize that the Democrats are not a loyal opposition, but just 'republican-lite'. They now are trying to stake out a position opposed to the president as they see that it is politically popular. What a bunch of cowards. I don't think Bush is right in his actions, but that definitely doen't make them right in theirs. Still, I have hope. Lets see how the 2006 and '08 canidates look. I could be persuaded to vote for someone like Guilliani (sp?).

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A serious reason to go to both the moon and mars have to do with national security. The moon sits above our gravity well, and it would be simplicity itself to shoot rocks and missles from the moon at the US (Can we say China, anyone?) I know that this is the sort of thing that is going through the heads of the government these days, and it really should. As far as mars, there are good reason to go there as well, mostly having to do with the ever-increasing ability humanity has to destroy our civilization and revert us to the dark ages. We need to back up civilization. My personal favorite reason for space exploration is the dumb people die in space (horrible thought, I know, but still funny). If you leave the zipper of the fly open on your space-suit, you are in for a world of hurt.

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Frank Rich sounds like a friendly guy on radio. It's a shame so many Boomers do politics via emotions only, no thought involved. How do they reconcile what a great place to live America is, with their apparent certainty that it is the most evil entity that has ever existed?

Comment Posted By Joe On 14.06.2005 @ 15:50


I worry that like Twin Peaks, the story will spin out of control. Is assasination of The President just a diversion for an even bigger plot?
Audrey is fast loosing my respect. She is going to cause a lot of trouble because she can't make up her mind. Paul could still be a bad guy.
Big American Corporation phobia is also a frequent Hollywood plot motivator. Foreign Corporations don't come in for the same vigilance. General Motors is hateful, but not Toyota. It could end up with the defense contractor being behind everything.

Comment Posted By Joe On 30.03.2005 @ 08:57

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