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Jeralyn Merritt as a candidate for “reasonable adult”; your opponents outnumber you.

She talks left but sometimes staggers when walking/. Remember she came out in support of Arnold on her blog during the bogus recall election against democratic Gov. Davis (and she does not even live in Calif.)

And she did so fully aware of the many documented instances of sexual harassment Arnold engaged in. You see, she met him once...and Fox News was showing interest in her.

So, she's not always a straight walker even if she claims to talk left.

Comment Posted By Joe On 10.07.2006 @ 15:38

One problem with the sanctimonious handwringing about the "left" blogs failing to condemn the woman is that no one knows who the hell she is. And no one is suppoting what she said, if they even know about it.

Another problem is that her target has an insatiable habit of flinging feces (and penises, even dog penises) at other people in extremely disgusting diatribes. So, to the casual observer, the wrong here appears to be basically that some unknown blogger has flung smellier feces at Jeff than what Jeff routinely flings at others. And she apologized for it. Not a lot to get excited about for most people.

Be that as it may, I have already seen four liberal bloggers post their disapproval of the comments, and TBogg even provided a satirical apology.

Comment Posted By Joe On 9.07.2006 @ 00:29

Confederate Yankee seems to miss the point that this woman acknowledged that her comments were wrong and that she was wrong to post them, and she apologized to the victim. She also resigned her job. She paid a heavy price for her stupidity and insensitivity.

The same cannot be said for the right wing college professor who encouraged people to hunt down the children of NYT employees, including of the photographer whose name and home address and phone number his pal published. Or for the wingnut who runs, Nedd Kareiva. He was proud that the Jewish family whose names and home address he published was driven from their home by harassment and fear. He considered it a victory. (See Jesus' General.)

So, Confederate Yankee is criticizing the wrong side if he is sincere in his concern that people be held accountable for their actions. Hopefully, more people will see that regardless of ideology, public words can indeed do harm (including to those who write them), even if they are posted from the safety and privacy of your mother's basement.

Comment Posted By Joe On 8.07.2006 @ 15:23

It is funny to see people who applaud and support Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, etc. get offended by this. Nothing wrong with it, mind you, just very, very funny.

And the unsupported slander that (unidentified) leftists have launched coordinated attacks on conservative websites is also patently ridiculous. I suppose Kos gave the order, eh? heh.

(Wasn't it just last week someone wrote about NYT employees, "hunt them down, find out where their children go to school...")

Comment Posted By Joe On 8.07.2006 @ 14:53


It's looking like they will lose Delay's seat. That's better than nothing and a help. If we get two out of texas, the end of the conservative juggernaught will be upon us.

Comment Posted By Joe On 28.06.2006 @ 23:30


And I have a gun I'll aim at yours if you do, tough guy.

But thankfully, there is no need to burn a flag now that the constitution has been spared descration by the gop pandering hypocrite losers.

Comment Posted By Joe On 28.06.2006 @ 23:36

These people who want to jail journalists or have the gov. shut down newspapers must be young and/or have no education in history.

It is such a twisted vision on America, one that no one twenty years ago ever would have expressed. 30 years ago, we all read how they did that stuff in the soviet union...communist Russia and China. Never would it happen in America. Even during Watergate, never was there serios talk about jailing journalists.

If that flag amendment had passed, I would have burned the first flag ever in my lifetime. Not because I would enjoy it, but because of my need to defy those who are debasing and destroying what once made America the greatest bastion of freedom in the world. Those days are now gone. Let's pray we get them back.

Comment Posted By Joe On 27.06.2006 @ 20:27


My problem with Coulter, and all partisan commentators on either side of the fence, is the blatant hypocrisy in the way they frame their "arguments." In this particular case, if the President was currently Al Gore or Bill Clinton, and the widows were using their "status" as victims to move the government into remedial action after a catastrophe like 9/11, Ann Coulter would volunteer to be their mouthpiece and champion their cause. Especially if the widows were openly and personally critical of a government led by either of those two men. And Coulter's fans and followers would also be trumpeting the widows' cause because they like her style. But she'd still only be doing it because it keeps her face on TV and in magazines. Commentators like Coulter constantly exploit these situations solely for personal gain. Some may believe that's smart business, but it only serves to further polarize the rest of us, deterring us from discussing rationally the real issues facing us today. Coulter and other commentators' rhetoric may speak to a person's basest nature, but we actually have moved beyond that as a people. We shouldn't let the Coulters of the world keep dragging us back to the depths where civil discourse began. Let the fringes rage in the street. The rest of us have real work to do.

Comment Posted By Joe On 8.06.2006 @ 21:13


Over here two downloadable clips of Steven Colbert Whitehouse correspondents: (16 min / 65 Mb Quicktime: top quality) (16 min / 26 Mb Quicktime) (15 min / 10 Mb WindowsMedia)

Comment Posted By joe On 2.05.2006 @ 08:21


Is it JAN 15 yet? Also you forgot the Chinese I am sure they will find out Jack is still alive so we will have a double plot going on at the same time.

Comment Posted By Joe On 17.12.2005 @ 04:15

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