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Maybe you're right about the youths turning out (although they said that in '04). If that is the case, that does not justify throwing in the towel when not a single vote has been counted. If there's voter fraud, challenge it, but please don't give up. The liberal bloggers are loving this defeatist attitude. Prove them wrong, or at least try.

Comment Posted By Joe On 16.10.2008 @ 12:10

I remember elction day '04. Drudge released early exit poll numbers which looked bleak for Bush. Did the conservative talk show hosts on the air bury their heads behind their legs? If they had, I am convinced Bush could not have won. They were like General Patton and Knute Rockne, rallying the troops to get out and vote, polls be damned, and the rest is history. Snap out of it and rally the troops, or your bleak predictions will only be a self-fulfilled prophesy.

Comment Posted By Joe On 16.10.2008 @ 11:22


I too am sceptical that any of this will matter to the MSM, or the public, after The Messiah's election. I can only hope that some segments out there will find some smoking gun that the MSM can't ignore, even if they want to. They reported the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal only because they were smoked out by Drudge (where's he been on all this lately?). I pray this will begin to happen before the election, but I'm not holding my breath.

Comment Posted By Joe On 11.10.2008 @ 16:51


If we do lose, both the presidential race and badly in the Congressional races, it will be somewhat deserved. We as Republicans have strayed from our fiscally-responsible roots. Mainly this is the result of "compassionate conservatism", which sought to defuse the Democratic criticism of Republicans that we don't care because we don't spend.

Well, we've certainly spent! We've proven that we can spend just as much as the Democrats ever did. But of course there's no "credit" for that from Dems, because you can never spend as much as they want to. They will always beat you in that arena. It's our bad that we even tried to compete on their terms.

Couple that with the corruption that came along with power and, yes, you can certainly see why America might be ready for a change. If we do lose, we'll need to regroup and reinvigorate and rededicate ourselves to our conservative ideals: limited government, living within our means and, as a consequence, rolling back the national debt.

We know what will happen with Dems in charge of all branches of government (and they'll have the Court soon too). They will spend us further into oblivion. We will have to speak truth to power and do in 2006 what we did in the 90's. Obama and the Dems will fail miserably and we need to be there to point out every failing and present the American people with a credible alternative.

Comment Posted By Joe On 5.10.2008 @ 17:42

'Unleash' Palin? Get Real

"Lec" said:

"She’s in over her head. I’d like to see her step down, without rancor, and I think she’d be met with sympathy and admiration by all Americans.
Then McCain can pick someone, quickly, with credentials and experience."

Doofus: she's the GOVERNOR of Alaska! And McCain would end up looking indecisive and unsure of himself. Spare us your fake sympathy for Sarah.

Comment Posted By Joe On 29.09.2008 @ 16:06

I figure Biden will be his usual smug, supercilious self at the debate and that's all it will take to put Sarah back in the "+" column.

Comment Posted By Joe On 29.09.2008 @ 16:00


I concur with David @ #20. This site is about as right as Ron Paul. This guy cites the Carter administration as a positive litmus test for an Obama regime? I suppose you enjoyed the gasoline shortages, the energy crisis, the unchecked rise of Islamic totalitarianism, the attack and destruction of an American embassy, the hostage crisis, the ceding of our national interests abroad such as control of the Panama canal, not to mention Carter ceaselessly maligning our nation and giving aid and comfort to our enemies since he left office. To Bill Arnold, who thinks Obama is center-left: Obama makes a lot of promises, like campaign finance reform, and bi-partisanship, and he doesn't keep them. In other words, he's a liar. Do you judge people by their words, or by their deeds? He's a hypocrite who scolds Americans for going to foreign countries and not knowing the languages, but he himself speaks only english. He chastises Americans for being ungenerous, yet he himself gives less than 2% of his multi-million dollar income to charity annually. He is a product of a racist, anti-American upbringing, and he cannot explain or refute his confederacy with despicable people like Wright, Ayers, Pflegler. In sum, Obama is the polar opposite of John McCain who is an honorable man, a prescient, courageous, principled leader, and one of the few politicans in this country who is worthy of the office of the presidency. It's an insult to America that this bogus bigot Obama has been nominated for that office, and it's utterly distressing that at this late date this phony might still be elected. What has this country come to?

Comment Posted By Joe On 18.09.2008 @ 03:27


Have you seen the set up for the stage and podium at Mile High? What are the Obama people thinking?? Are they that caught up in their own delusions of grandeur that they don't realize they are playing right into what Americans obviously do not like about their candidate: that he is an arrogant and self-important hack who is not ready? What better way to showcase that character flaw than to have him walk out from beyond a set resembling an ancient Greek temple, deliver a speech to 75,000 Naz...sorry, fans, all of them mindlessly chanting, "Obama, Obama". This will creep the average American out and he will lose points in the polls over the weekend. I doubt this convention will come anywhere close to a "B-", let alone an "A+".

Comment Posted By Joe On 27.08.2008 @ 13:31


--“The most important number by Election Day is whether a majority of the electorate has achieved a comfort level with Obama as commander in chief,” said Geoffrey Garin, a Democratic pollster who was a strategist for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign, and who considers Obama’s 48 percent a strong starting position. “I think this is the one dimension on which he will be tested and where Republicans will try hard to raise big doubts about Obama.”--


You forgot to mention that the same ABC poll showed that something like 72% of persons polled said McCain would be a better CINC. I find it amusing that the Wash Post did not report that figure after they solicited this quote on CINC relevancy from a Dem pollster. Is it because they do not want to paint a very negative picture of BHO's actual chnaces at winning this election?

Comment Posted By Joe On 15.07.2008 @ 14:05


--Meanwhile, Obama will have more money than God and will win this election in a walk.--


Do you really think Obama will win in a walk or was this some sort of attempt at snark?

He outspent Hillary in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, and Kentucky, and she still won. Hell, he outspent her 3 to 1 in Ohio and Penn and she still won by almost 10 points in both states. He will have a ton of money, but they will be spending some money on states that are usually safe for them, such as New Jersey, California, and Michigan. And these three states have more expensive media markets than Aklaska and Montana. Those are two very cheap states to run ads in. If he ever has to defend the east or west coast Dem stronghold states, he'll need that cash. The money won't be everything on this race.

Comment Posted By Joe On 20.06.2008 @ 11:45

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