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"The so called LEFT is something YOU define as all those who simply oppose the destructive, historically failing policies which are putting you in a position of justifying things you should know in your hearts are not things you should be trying to excuse or ignore."

This is eloquent. The best patriotism is pursuing truth, not partisanship or stubborn unwillingness to recognize mistakes.

Over and over again, a less pavid press gives news on torture, secret prisons, extraordinary renditions (even of children), gratuitous violence abuses, coverups, illegality, cronyism, incompetence.

Feeling outrage and voicing it is the most patriotic and moral thing one can do.

Comment Posted By Joe London On 29.05.2006 @ 07:01

Maybe an important point is being missed here: were it not for Time, Los Angeles Times, Independent, etc. this massacre might have never surfaced, as it appears clear there have been attempts of cover-up. And it is possible that various others similar tragedies have gone unreported or covered-up.

Thus even at the risk of spreading news that later are rectified, it is important that the news talk about all these things, provided that journalists do their job properly. Let's not forget that perpetrators of crimes and friends are not likely to reveal their crimes spontaneously.

An accurate investigation has been carried out by the Times, consistent with reports of other news providers and with leaks of pre-investigation reports by authorities.
Read here:,,2089-2200170,00.html

Comment Posted By Joe London On 28.05.2006 @ 16:09



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