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Does Billo stand up for the CIA when Libby outed an undercover operative? I guess its okay if the neo-cons do that to the wife of a critic. Rick's right about Hollywood, its the money stupid! Billo tries to stir up controversies where none exists.

Comment Posted By Joe Helgerson On 13.08.2007 @ 18:48


The Kurds got tired of waiting for a national oil sharing law, so they passed THEIR OWN oil law! They'll invite foreign investors in, and promised to share their oil revenues with the rest of Iraq, call me crazy but if the Kurds decide to keep all the revenues, who's to stop them?I'm not for a quick pullout of Iraq but lets let the Kurds do their thing and maybe think about partitioning Iraq.Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot the Turks want to invade northern Kurdistan to destroy the PKK. The Kurds have told the Turks they would defend their territory and the Pkk( who by the way are listed as terrorists by the US). Your right Rick, Iraq is a cluster_uck. Eventually we will have to leave and my best bet is Iraq will be mainly a Shia Theocracy with low-grade civil war with the Sunnis and an independent Kurdistan.

Comment Posted By Joe Helgerson On 8.08.2007 @ 20:33


When people are referring to anybody that thinks Iraq is a "defeatists" they are not living in reality. Even Petraeus admits he can't solve Iraq's problems with MILITARY ALONE! If Maliki refuses to share power with the Sunnis, there will never be peace in Iraq.Anybody want to place some bets on Maliki changing his mind? Even if the insurgency and civil war ended today, Iraq's infrastructure would need BILLIONS just to get basic services going. Yesterday I heard on the news that corruption is RAMPANT IN IRAQ, especially in Basra, their deepwater port in the South where most of their oil is shipped out.So now the Iraqi Government is on vacation, while our troops are fighting for them in 120 degree weather. Think the Sunni dominated countries in the region (Sauds,Jordanians,Egyptians) are going to watch the Shia dominated government of Iraq put the squeeze on their Sunni brothers? Maybe no direct involvement, but plenty of weapons and cash will be flowing into Al Anbar Province. Think the Shia Arabs will sit back and let the Kurds annex oil-rich Kirkuk without a fight? Oh, I guess I'm one of those "defeatists" but I do live in the reality-based community.

Comment Posted By Joe Helgerson On 31.07.2007 @ 20:52


My favorite Gonzo-ism is this past week when Schumer asked him about something and Gonzo answered "my spokeperson clarified my previous statement the next day" (paraphrasing here) Schumer then asked Gonzo what his spokesperson had said to clarify his statement. Gonzo said I don't know what my spokesperson said to clarify my statement.He then tells Schumer he can look into it and get back to him. wtf? I know Bush will keep this lapdog, but the country knows Gonzo is a laughingstock.....doesn't that bother Bush or his top advisers. Not usually a conspiracy nut but this does hint of Bush and company trying to hide something. Has Bush reached a point where there is no outrage in his blunders because the bar has been lowered so many times? Its no wonder the prosecution of the Iraq War was so idiotic, these people should be dressed as clowns. The Gonzogate is just a perfect metaphor for these people.And fight4theright.....have you EVER ripped on a republican? Or do you work for the RNC and make appearances on this blog to root for the "decider" just wondering.

Comment Posted By Joe Helgerson On 29.07.2007 @ 20:45


With Bush getting pounded in the polls- the conservatives feel the need to lash out at the "leftists". Malkin, Coulter, O'Reilly are spinning their wheels to try and put Humpty Dumpty (Bush) back together again. It ain't working folks. Rick even you get pounded by your readers for telling the truth about Iraq. I read Greenwald all the time, I don't see any of the stuff you hit him with....coincidence..I think not. Daily Kos gets 750,000 hits PER DAY, think there all loony leftists, puh-lease, spare me the faux outrage over that site. Most of the time you speak the truth Rick, other days your far from reality, today is one of them...sorry

Comment Posted By Joe Helgerson On 26.07.2007 @ 21:00


We negotiated with Russia in the 1980's, Nixon flew to China, but Hillary and Obama are weak surrender monkeys because they want to negotiate with our enemies? Huh? I'm not saying kowtow to them, but whats wrong with a dialogue?Part of me thinks the gop presidential field is so weak that the only way they can win is to demonize the democrats. That didn't work so well in 06 and I think it will work less well in 08.Bush is so low in the polls IMHO he will drag his party down with him. Also, if people think Hillary can be bullied like Kerry was in 04, that dog don't hunt with her. The democrats have the funds, the majority of America and demonization WILL NOT WORK.

Comment Posted By Joe Helgerson On 25.07.2007 @ 21:10


slimguy, thank you for your pseudo-intellectual Freudian jibberjabber. I didn't say Kos wasn't left leaning, I said radical left. Any blog that disagrees with Bush is considered "leftists" by neocons like yourself. What Kos is saying is way more mainstream than the propaganda that Tony Snow and people like you bloviate. Your still in the timewarp of "those dirty hippies" like it was 1970. Join the real world of a country that thinks Bush and Cheney are liars and war criminals. You sir are a dinosaur.

Comment Posted By Joe Helgerson On 24.07.2007 @ 20:35

People saying Daily Kos is a radical left site have never spent a lot of time there, I have, and the leftist label is a bunch of bull! 70% of Americans want us out of Iraq, so does Kos, wouldn't that make him mainstream? I get tired of rightwing propaganda. People wised up in the 06 midterms, the rightwing noise machine didn't seem to get the memo, when they get their ass handed to them in 08 maybe then they'll wake up.Bush is at 29%, wouldn't that make people like Markos the MAJORITY opinion on Bush? Wake up people, Bush is dragging this country down, not the website Daily Kos, although bashing Daily Kos is a convenient wag-the-dog scapegoat so the American people won't realize how we were LIED into the biggest foreign policy disaster in US history. I suppose Daily Kos was responsible for that too. What a terrible non-story this is, typical gop propaganda to energize their dwindling base. The countrys made their minds up about Bush and Iraq, non stories about Daily Kos are pathetic, won't don't you call them traitors too, another neocon tactic.

Comment Posted By Joe Helgerson On 23.07.2007 @ 20:23


Hey Bart it was your bonehead president and McCain pushing the amnesty bill, don't start your bs propaganda here.Sure victory is just around the corner in Iraq, even though there has been no political progress from the Maliki government. Wake up people, Iraqs a mess and staying there won't help. Let the gop stand by their man, the Democrats will increase their majorities in both Houses. Let the goopers follow the boy king right off a cliff.

Comment Posted By Joe Helgerson On 18.07.2007 @ 20:44


We don't own Iraq people, the righties always speak like Iraq belongs to us. Its a sovereign country, we have no business trying to run it. We toppled Saddam , now we should get the hell out. We invaded a country that didn't attack us. How arrogant was that? Now were in a fiasco,poetic justice I call it. If the US was invaded I'd fight to the death against the invaders, why is it the neo-cons can't understand Iraqi Nationalists fighting a foreign invading army. Bush has lost the country on this one, he's to stupid and stubborn to change coarse now. We'll have to wait till he leaves office to get out of Iraq. We don't belong there, we never did.You reap what you sow Bush. Worst foreign policy blunder in our history.Thanks Rick for a honest, blunt assessment of Iraq.

Comment Posted By Joe Helgerson On 15.07.2007 @ 22:57

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