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Glenn Greenwald has more knowledge, intellect, wisdom, and historical perspective than all the right side aded together. His words have always been proven correct, his logic always spot on. He does this by way of techniques quite foreign to those on the right: HE THINKS. He Thinks...He hasn't the supersticious ghosts and gods to color his juddegment. He doesn't have a childish need to bomb and kill innocent humans. He doesn't tune to Fox news for his talking points for the day. Glenn is the truth, you are the liars.

In short: Glenn Greenwald is brilliant. It does make sense why you don't like him: he requires reading comprehension and the ability to think for oneself - those are things the right side is quite scared of. For you dismals, it is much better to tune into rush or o'reilley to figure out what you believe.

He Thinks…He hasn’t the supersticious (??? sp) ghosts and gods to color his juddegment. (???pass 3rd grade did you?) He doesn’t have a childish need to bomb and kill innocent humans. He doesn’t tune to Fox news for his talking points for the day. Glenn is the truth, you are the liars.

Jesus, kid. Get your face out of Glenn's rear end, willya? You're embarrassing yourself.

See my response above re: Greenwald's abilities.. And I can see you've learned the lessons in hyperbole he has taught well. Believing that anyone has "a childish need to bomb and kill innocent humans" is so far beyond the pale of rational discourse as to make you - and the guy whose picture is on your nightstand that you shortstroke your way to bliss every night - irrelevant. No one believes you when you say crap like that, get it?

I cannot believe anyone with half a brain would refer to a guy who thinks conservatives are fascists as brilliant. No one - I mean no one - can be that stupid, can they?


Comment Posted By Jimbo On 2.01.2009 @ 17:04



Enough said. Are you better off than you were 7+ years ago? Gas prices got you down? Is your house payment current? How about your job opportunities? Are your kids going to be able to go to college? How's that illegal invasion and occupation going in Iraq? How about Afghanistan? Were they good decisions?


Comment Posted By Jimbo On 5.08.2008 @ 11:26


McCain is not too old to be president. He is too mean and incompetent to be President. There is a big difference. The guy can't even remember borders and such. Those are not small mistakes, they are huge. Hasn't the country suffered enough under the juvenile ad petulant Mr. Bush?

Besides, McCains only qualification seems to be him crashing his planes (five of them) and then getting captured. Once he was captured, he made propoganda films for the vietcong. Does that sound like 'executive' material. No it doesn't.

Is he the absolute best the right side can come up with? Really? Nobody else? This election is going to be a pounding, and no, our country will not be harmed - it will be cured of the droppings of the Bush administration.

Comment Posted By Jimbo On 23.07.2008 @ 14:19


Not sure the war would be “lost” except that Obama would hand de facto control of our redeployment over to the Iraqis who could then very well “lose” whatever gains have been made.


And this is why we are hated the world over.

We invaded their country and there are still some who believe it is our country to spoil - which is strange because the GOP is still in the process of spoiling America. It is their country to either protect or lose - it is their destiny at stake. The host feels it is time for us to go, but will we? Better ask KBR, Halliburton, and Blackwater first.

If you are concerned about what type of country we will leave behind, maybe one of you ought to admit we shouldn't be there in the first place.

Any takers? I didn't think so.

Comment Posted By Jimbo On 21.07.2008 @ 11:55


Jesus Lord God that might be the most incoherent, idiotic rant ever written on this site. Racism? Methinks you’re projecting there, my friend. Playing the race card won’t get Obama anywhere – no one will believe him. And your overwrought hatred of your political opponent only shows how mentally ill you truly are.

Get some help, kid. Going through life fat, drunk, and stupid is no life at all.


Your line needed attribution. Dean Wurmer might get offended you left out his credit to that phrase - but that is what the right side does, it steals; It does not create.

Obama is not citing race as a factor, your pundits have all done that themselves. You know as well as anybody that racism has been interjected into this political landscape due to the obvious reasons - Obama is black. Not black enough for some, too black for others. Is he Christian or is he Muslim? No, no racism there huh? You can claim ignorance of this - seems you can do that well - but that doesn't make it valid. There is no hatred of any kind within my words. Only an observation which you surely have seen as well; although you are too right sided to actually admit that.

BTW, Should we discuss McCains many flip-flops and bigamy? Oh, I didn't think you wanted to do anything useful for the readership - just throw a tantrum. I guess that passes as maturity to the right side.

Comment Posted By Jimbo On 15.07.2008 @ 15:44

McSame is going to lose so badly, you will never recover from the ass-whooping. The MSM is in bed with McCain and the only reason he is even STILL in the race is due to the media lapdogs who want to ride in the kewl part of the plane - or on McCain's lap. McCain is the sacrificial lamb going to the slaughter and you all know it. It is giong to be brutal for your side. Fun for the entire family.

Blaming flip-flops on Obama, and ignoring the many dozens of similar moves by McCain is typical right side behavior. Pure Rovian, but it is all you got - that and racism. Just a thought? Why not focus on the facts? Oh I forgot, that won't work for your side. You better start attacking the next president - you don't have much time to continue to feel superior. After King Bush leaves office, your lives will tumble back to the worthless and uneventful spew it was before 2000.

Jesus Lord God that might be the most incoherent, idiotic rant ever written on this site. Racism? Methinks you're projecting there, my friend. Playing the race card won't get Obama anywhere - no one will believe him. And your overwrought hatred of your political opponent only shows how mentally ill you truly are.

Get some help, kid. Going through life fat, drunk, and stupid is no life at all.


Comment Posted By Jimbo On 15.07.2008 @ 11:48


Again, those on the right miss the point - probably because it involves thinking. McSame was shot down FIVE times - FIVE TIMES. Two of the planes he stole from the Navy - you heard me - HE STOLE THEM FROM THE NAVY!!!!! Then he crashed them. You may not know this either - because your preferred version of the news comes from limbaugh (that warrior who you support and listen to, he never served either, except in Viagra induced underage girls videos) - but McSame also made propoganda films for the vietcong to use against the US. Does that sound remotely like someone who 'deserves' the WH? Of course it doesn't. Besides stealing, then crashing planes McSame has no - NO - experience in any endeavor which requires management. He even had to leave his first wife - ON HER DEATHBED - so he could flock with a younger beer lady. Does that sound like the character you want in your WH? of course it doesn't.

Face it: McSame is the choice of the nutjobs and the MSM. He has flipped so many times on major issues, he should get a back brace - or maybe we should. Please look beyond the pundits opinions of McSame and think for yourself. I know it is hard to do that, but please try. The progressives know you have been pushed down by Bush for so long, you are probably scared to look out your windows. Your country needs you right now to think and do some research on the candidates. Please don't just fall inline again because you are frightened and scared. Try to find your courage and let your children see that courage - for they are watching you.

1. Do you realize that your charges about the 5 planes being shot down (he was shot down twice according to the Navy - are they lying too?), about stealing them, about leaving his first wife (who is still alive) on her "deathbed - all of these smears and lies come from A CONSERVATIVE WEBSITE?

2. Jesus are you gullible. Do you believe everything you read on the internet? If so, I've got some great "Vince Foster was murdered" theories for you.


Comment Posted By Jimbo On 30.06.2008 @ 11:23


retire05 Said:
10:45 am

“Torture” is a vague claim. Do you, Rick, consider waterboarding “torture”? If so, then do you also think that every CodePinko that waterboards fellow CodePinkos in the public square during their protest marches should be found and prosecuted?
If you want to be specific about what contitutes “torture”, and it a) inflicts physical pain and b) creates permanent damage to the person receiving the torture that fits (a), I am willing to listen.

I am guessing by your blogger name that you feed at the public trough as a retiree - probably from the navy or army. You have to defend the indefensible because your bread and butter is provided by the very same machine which tortures innocent people. If you ever had a real job - outside of the robotic routines of a soldier, you would be more sensitive to human suffering. You are alone and lonely. Probably poor, and probably angry about your lot in life. Your poor choices put you where you are. You shouldn't turn your disappointment in your own life into a vendetta against other people.

Comment Posted By Jimbo On 10.04.2008 @ 11:24


Wow, for a bunch of republicans you guys are on the ball.

Yes, we lefties think Iran with nukes is a scary prospect indeed. Yes, the Guardian is definitely unreliable. Yes, a war with Iran would be a disaster on every level imaginable.

But unlike Shrub, SecDef Gates is an adult and he undoubtedly knows that attacking Tehran is a bad move, and I'm willing to bet he'd bodily stand in the way of such an endeavor.

Comment Posted By Jimbo On 16.07.2007 @ 16:36


"Jimbo, I get it.
I’ve also spoken to Gen. DeLong who led the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns and I know that invasion of Iraq wasn’t done at the exclusion of fighting al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Fair point if you actually had the facts to back it up."

Oh bullshit, Mark E.

I don't need to talk to some general to understand basic facts: we have a finite number of soldiers and if a big bunch of them are doing triple tours in Iraq, they can't be in Afghanistan at the same time.

If we hadn't invaded Iraq, we would have significantly more resources on hand to chase and corner Osama in the Hindu Kush, or wherever he is now.

That's just common sense. And if you're doing mental contortions in order not to own up to that, shame on you.

Comment Posted By Jimbo On 22.07.2007 @ 03:55


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