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A wonderful piece written with genuine insight and feeling.

Here's a little powder for the cannon, BTW - when John Stewart died in January, the LA Times ran an obit about a third of a page with a 3" picture, and the NYT wasn't far behind. With Reynolds death, the LAT obit was a full half page including a 4" pic of the original group. In both cases, wire service and web coverage was extensive, respectful, and largely accurate.

My point: the MSM has ignored or belittled this seminal and very American group for the last few decades. Now that they're dying off one by one - some idiots in editorial offices across the country are finally figuring out who this group was and what it did. Too late.

But, ahem -

[i]"Jim sprang fully growed with a Martin in one hand and a glass of Chivas in the other, holding forth on Chaucer (or Jacqueline Susanne) while strumming the Martin with his toes and swilling the Chivas through his ear and singing Jug of Punch with a perfect brogue.[i]

How did you know this? True as it is, you're a youthful 3 1/2 years my junior...who told????

Comment Posted By Jim Your Brother On 4.10.2008 @ 17:29


.........and here I was hoping that you'd take a day off from politics and say a few words about the passing of Jerome Holtzman, Baseball Hall of Fame Writer's Wing honoree and purveyor of a kind of sports journalism that is sadly seldom seen these days.

Holtzman's death was featured prominently in the obits even here in LA - which for those who didn't know was the first major market TV stop for one Keith Olbermann, a sports reporter for several years on the local NBC outlet, whose snide, trivializing, self-righteous and self-centered approach to sports (anyone surprised by that?)represented the exact antithesis of the quality work of a giant like Holtzman.

A word or two on Holtzman might be nice.........

Alas, the exigencies of the day - most notably Obama's Magical Mystery Tour - coupled with a very limited writing time devoted to this site, prevents me from giving one our childhood favorites his due. While we used to fight over the sports section to read him I like to recall his long, fascinating conversations with Jack Brickhouse during rain delays at Wrigley or Comiskey.

There's no one close to him today.


Comment Posted By Jim Your Brother On 23.07.2008 @ 01:51


Though I might re-order your rankings here and there, I have to say that this is one of the best overall pieces I've seen in years of reading your blog. The rationales are rock solid, and the tenor of the piece is exactly what political writing should have.

Comment Posted By Jim Your Brother On 19.01.2008 @ 18:43



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