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At the risk of being flamed, I think you all are being a little uncharitable to what Xenophon says. I think the main point he makes is that there is no longer any party that is opposed to centralization of power in DC, and that we would be better off if the US were more federal, with the States and other smaller units, including communities, recapturing some of the power that has been usurped by the federal govt since the Great Depression/WWII (or even earlier, with the rise of progressivism in the late 19th/early 20th century). I think his point is that both moderate and conservative republicans, for different reasons, sold out on any idea of restoring the federal balance. If that is what he means, then I think he has a point. During the 80s some Rs and conservatives did talk about taking power away from DC and restoring it to the States et al., but nobody talks about that anymore. I think that decentralization and federalism should be part of the political debate. And I think most voters do too; people don't want anyone, social-engineering Democrats or religiously-conforming Republicans, messing about in their personal lives. But when politicians get to DC, they can't help themselves. The Democrats will succeed, and build on their gains in 2008, if they only go for small-bore initiatives, and interfere as little as possible in Americans' lives. However, I doubt it is a temptation they will be able to resist, any more than DeLay, Santorum, and the rest of the crew just thrown out, were able to.

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