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You mention John Loftus and his upcoming Intelligence Summitt. Loftus was the first individual I heard that indicated that Saddam's WMDs were in Syria, that coming on a Sunday interview on FoxNewsChannel in April or May, 2004. He also made the same assertions on Larry Elder's radio show in ealry May, 2004 and the discussion was written up on Elder's column of May 6, 2004. Others followed with the same or similar information, such as Jed Babbin, Bill Gertz, Rowan Scarborough, NRO's Jim Geraghty and James Robinson. The assertions were made that the WMDs were hidden in 3 or 4 specific places in the Bekaa Valley, such as an air force factory in the village of Tal Sinan, in a tunnel in the mountains near the village of Baida, and in the village of Shinshar. BTW, one DEBKA report is from a year previous (May 4, 2003) and was at

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