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Actually, no. The spam filter caught it after it appeared as a comment? Interesting. It was up for over half a day before it disappeared

I'm telling you it was in the spam filter. You said I deleted it. You were wrong and criticized me for something that wasn't true.

Most would simply apologize and move on. You obviously don't have the wits, or the emotional maturity to do that - not to mention the vocabulary of a sophomore in high school.


Comment Posted By JerryS On 20.02.2010 @ 13:09

Nice, Rick.

You delete my comment, which attacks no one and states that if you pay your taxes you wont' have IRS problems, yet you allow a post that calls our President an "idiot asshole".

And you complain about honest, civilized discourse disappearing.


Gee - maybe if you had a larger vocabulary and didn't use the word "fuck" in your comment, my spam filter wouldn't have captured it. I usually don't even bother to look at my spam so you're lucky this time.

Now - don't you feel like even more of an asshole than normal?


Comment Posted By JerryS On 20.02.2010 @ 09:41

Here's a simple, but often overlooked point:

Pay your taxes.
Pay ALL your taxes.
Pay ALL your taxes ON TIME.

You won't have problems with the IRS.

I work in several states every year, for 2009, I just filed a Federal Tax Return, a California Tax Return, Georgia Tax Return, Louisiana Tax Return, an Iowa Tax Return, and a Pennsylvania Tax Return.

In the past 10 years, I've never filed less than two state returns in addition to my federal form. I make a good living, so no complaints. But I learned at an early age "Dont' fuck with the IRS."

Why some people choose to go to war with this particular agency, when they're obviously wrong in their tax returns, is baffling to me.

Comment Posted By JerryS On 19.02.2010 @ 18:57


Rick -

It would be nice if anyone bothered to respond to actual issues. I point out specifics which underline a point I'm trying to make, and you respond with "NaNaNaNa Democrats do it, too."

And you want civilized discourse? Please.

Pot meet Kettle.

Comment Posted By JerryS On 14.02.2010 @ 13:32

Rick -

C'mon. You can do better than that.

When, ever, did seven Democratic Senators vote against against a bill they Co-sponsored?

When, ever, did a Democratic Senate minority ever block as many nominations as the current GOP minority?

When, ever, did a Democratic Senator place a blanket hold on 70 Presidential nominees for Federal office?

When, ever, did a Democratic minority, impose the filibuster at twice the average of the previous year?

The answer to all of the above: Never.

You refuse to accept the simple fact that the GOP is changing the rules of the game. It's decided to just say no, regardless of the policy. If Obama came out tomorrow and said "Tax Cuts for everyone," the GOP would be against it. In fact, with the Stimulus plan he did, and they did.

If you watched the Maddow segment I posted above, you'd see, with your own two fucking eyes how weak the current GOP is when it actually comes to policy.

2000-2006 showed us what happens when GOP policies are implented. It failed miserably. And now you want those same fucking douchebags to regain power? Seriously?

You want the guys that want war with Iran [while we still haven't solved Iran and Afghanistan] back in power? Seriously?

WTF Rick.

Comment Posted By JerryS On 14.02.2010 @ 09:23

Rick -

How do you expect any plan for deficit reduction to ever work when you have one of the two political parties (the GOP) flat out lying to the American people.

Watch this:

Yes, it's MSNBC, but it clearly shows how the GOP is not serious about governing - at all. It's all politics.

As long as the GOP is the party of no, we'll continue to get this weird quasi-gridlock, while our problems become worse.

When only 12% of Americans know 95% of Americans got a tax cut as part of the Stimulus plan, we have a serious problem.

When 24% of Americans think that Federal Taxes have increased, when, in fact, they've gone down, we have a serious problem.

When one party, the GOP, does not care about policy - only politics - we have a serious problem.

Seven GOP Senators voted AGAINST a bill they created and co-sponsored. Think about that. They voted AGAINST a bill they created and co-sponsored when Obama agreeded to sign the bill if it passed.


Heh - one party only plays politics? Right. The Democrats are dedicated public servants who don't care a fig about politics, only doing what's best for the people.

Pass me that pipe - gotta be Lebanese Blond or maybe some California sensimilla.


Comment Posted By JerryS On 14.02.2010 @ 06:54


I was encouraged with what I saw at the televised retreat yesterday. For the first time in a long time, the Republicans actually presented viable alternatives to many of Obama’s prescriptions for the country. This is not to say they didn’t have them (the Ryan health care bill was introduced last May), it’s just that they didn’t promote these alternatives in a consistent, articulate manner.

Whoa, Rick. By consensus, Obama spent over an hour taking the GOP, one by one, behind the woodshed and whooping ass. It got so bad, Fox News cut away with 20 minutes to go - to criticize Obama.

That you think the GOP did well in this exchange shows a lack of objective thinking. Obama took every question, and, basically, said "Um.. No. Lie. Here are the facts." He then completely demolished the GOP from a policy standpoint.

Comment Posted By JerryS On 30.01.2010 @ 20:26


Dragon -

See #26. I answered it plainly. You client isn't muzzled. She can donate as much money as she wants to anyone she wants as an individual, or as part of a PAC. No one is muzzling her.

Your artifice is actually creating free speech for entities that do not have equal responsibilities. You're saying that your client, due to her being an LLC, can donate as an individual and again as a Corporation.

How exactly does that serve the electoral process?

Comment Posted By JerryS On 24.01.2010 @ 16:08

Dragon -

Why are you incapable of refuting a single point presented to you with simple logic and facts?

You just keep changing the subject.



Comment Posted By JerryS On 24.01.2010 @ 15:46

Andy -

What if Norinco creates a subsidiary, then another subsidiary, then another subsidiary in order to avoid the "foreign" company label.

A perfect example was Universal Studios several years ago when they were owned by Mashusita. How many people realized/knew that Universal Studios (with it's movies, theme parks, and all-american flavor) was owned by a Japanese Conglomerate?

Do you really think ABC, CNN, Fox, MSNBC will do the work of telling people which company is behind the company which is behind the company which is behind the attack ad?


If so, you're insane.

Comment Posted By JerryS On 24.01.2010 @ 15:29

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