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Here's a little language from the WAPO piece on Mary McCarthy:

"McCarthy was not an ideologue, her friends say, but at some point fell into a camp of CIA officers who felt that the Bush administration's venture into Iraq had dangerously diverted U.S. counterterrorism policy."

Just how orgainzed was that little "Camp"? What if there's evidence of a conspiracy, involving the press, and the FBI is investigating? Why would they need the NSA? Why not just go to the court for a warrant? I would guess the FBI does it everyday.

Maybe this new "leak" over the NSA was just a way of muddying the waters for a legitimate FBI investigation involving an organized conspiracy to leak highly classified information. If that's the case, all I can say is, it's about time.

And I'm getting tired of progressives "bitching" over "Bush as Big Brother"--without any evidence that the constitution, or anyone's privacy is being violated. THe only people who should be having this discussion are those of us who protested the Clinton White House illegally having 900 confidential FBI files on site. And who went to jail over that?

Comment Posted By Jennifer Verner On 16.05.2006 @ 10:54


Make that Negroponte has admitted that they are holding around three dozen high value, top level AlQada.

Comment Posted By Jennifer Verner On 14.05.2006 @ 09:14

Just a little thought: Has anyone considered that maybe Ms. McCarty wasn't just a leaker for the press, that perhaps she has had a little chat with Human Rights Watch or the ACLU as well.

Also, both Larry Johnson and Mellisa Boyle Mahle mentioned on their blogs long before this story was posted that by working at the IG, she would have had access to compartamentalized info.

So if you're a VIP, and you really want ot get the president, what do you do? Have some low level operative make a trumped up charge claiming prison abuse, then through th IG, Mary gets to see the whole picture through the "investigation." Mary then gets to leak it to the press and "human rights groups," and before you know it not only is a valuable CIA "rendition" program busted to pieces, but the anti-Bush solcialists in the EU have red meat.

Let's add, that the socialists in the EU have red meat even though there has never been any proof of "gulags" or secret CIA torture chambers--only sites where they hold top level Al Qada. Negroponte admitted that there are around three dozen.

With only a handful of exceptions, (and what do we expect in the fog of war?), during this conflict,the US has had the most remarkably clean human rights record in the history of warfare.

The first question I have is, who in the hell put Mary McCarthy in the IG.

By the way, did anyone notice Anthony Lake in the story? He has a long history with CIP.

Comment Posted By Jennifer Verner On 14.05.2006 @ 09:07


And add Mel Goodman, the National Security Senior Fellow at Center for International Policy (Mr. William Goodfellow- Priest's outfit) to that "National Security Whistleblowers" list. Johnson, McGovern and Goodman sure do show up alot together.

Comment Posted By Jennifer Verner On 12.05.2006 @ 19:23



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