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apologies for what you considered an "awkward insult." But, what other conclusion could you draw from the depth of political knowledge demonstrated by the mass of our fellow citizens. Sophist? I don't think so.

In case you missed the point, I was not heaving insults at you, but rather pointing to a turn of phrase that has deranged the correct orientation of the representatives from the represented. Using the term leaders masks the control that we are supposed to have of our government. Rick, may I call you Rick, you are hardly someone disconnected, serially lazy, or constitutinally illiterate (I think you misunderstand my point). My description of politicians as mediocre theives was hardly intended as a constitutional allusion it is mere opinion. Examine the record of spending, re-distribution, and corruption in the congress and tell me I am wrong.

If you feel comfortable with the term leaders, then so be it.

Comment Posted By Jefferson On 26.01.2007 @ 07:34

Sir, you simply must stop using the term "leaders." These are not our leaders, they are our representatives. We do not need them, they need us, but somehow the serially lazy and the constitutionally illiterate insist on elevating these mediocre thieves to some god-like status.

Comment Posted By Jefferson On 25.01.2007 @ 20:03



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