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It seems to me (as I've said elsewhere) that responsibility should start local and move outward. If the failure of the levee can't reasonably be blamed on the mayor, the tardiness of the evacuation order and the fubar state of all the subsequent evacuations certainly can.

The president probably has less blame to shoulder than does Congress; after all they make and fund the laws.

Comment Posted By Jeff On 2.09.2005 @ 18:12


in response to AM I A PUNDIT NOW?, they hit the point without seeing it. its exactly that relief had not begun that people were demanding why nothing had been done until the fifth day after katrina.

Comment Posted By JEFF On 2.09.2005 @ 21:04


Intelligent Design is not based on theology but on science. It's because its conclusion may lead some to believe in God that people like you are scared. What exactly is wrong with looking at both scientifically-based propositions and allowing the students to determine which is more feasible? But alas, schools these days are less likely to allow students to think for themselves. They disregard every pro-ID scientist and professor as wacko, regardless of credentials.

We who believe in Intelligent Design are not at all afraid of bringing both theories to light. Don't speak more highly of one than the other, just bring out the facts for each one and see which stands up to scrutiny.

Comment Posted By Jeff On 2.08.2005 @ 13:42

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