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People with a shallow understanding of American politics see it as Republicans-versus-Democrats, and the President is a Republican. So if a Democrat wins, the President loses. Zero-sum game.

These people, sadly, seem to be almost as common here as they are overseas.

The political spectrum is just that: a spectrum. It's blurry, with as many points between party-line Democrat and party-line Republican as there are American voters. The Iranian regime doesn't get this. At least some of us do.

Comment Posted By Jeff Harrell On 11.11.2006 @ 15:59


"The Shape of Days" is the best blog on the Internet, hands down, and its proprietor is a god among men.

Heh. Sorry. It's just that I've been on hiatus for six weeks and I'm trying to generate buzz around my upcoming triumphant return to the 'sphere. Check my site for updates, and forgive my shameless shilling.

On the subject of things that are shameless, here's some shameless sucking up: Rick's site is one of the few that I continued to consistently check while I was on hiatus. There are a few things I find hard to tolerate; glibness and snideness are among them. Rick's writing is refreshingly free of either.

Very similar is Ed Morrissey's site, "Captain's Quarters." Once you sort of embrace the fact that Ed cannot write anything short, period, you can realize that he's one of the best opinion writers blogging today.

But seriously, no kidding. My site leaves them all behind. Ahem.

Comment Posted By Jeff Harrell On 4.11.2005 @ 12:06


I've been thinking about Karl's remarks the other night, and it seems to me that they were damn near perfect. With just a couple of sentences, Karl got everybody on his side of the aisle repeating some of the most flabbergasting remarks from the far left after 9/11, thereby forcing the Democrats in Congress to distance themselves from those sentiments in order to stay credible, which in turn undermines the Democratic Party's hard-left base, setting up a very hard up-hill slog for Democratic incumbents and challengers in the 2006 midterms.

It seems to me that there's a reason why Karl's office is two doors down from the Oval. This guy knows his stuff. He plays politics like a grand master plays chess: always four moves ahead.

Comment Posted By Jeff Harrell On 24.06.2005 @ 11:46


I have a very hard time swallowing the idea that destruction of property, whatever the property, can be considered speech. That blurs the definition of "speech" to the point where any deliberate act could be considered speech.

And I differ with you on the point of the limits of free speech. In fact, the freedom of speech is by far the most abridged of all those the framers saw fit to single out in the Bill of Rights. Libel laws, truth in advertising laws, campaign finance laws, public disturbance laws … there are a thousand ways in which our freedom of speech is abridged. And personally I don't see that as an imminent threat to the Republic.

That said, this amendment, like the overwhelming majority of proposed Constitutional amendments, is a waste of paper and a waste of time.

Comment Posted By Jeff Harrell On 22.06.2005 @ 22:28


This is indeed a righteous article, Rick. I have but one thing to add: I wonder what the fraction of Americans is who were born around or after Watergate? I'm going to turn 33 this fall. Watergate could not have been less relevant to my life, nor Vietnam for that matter. If I can't recite the names of participants and the list of accusations, I feel no shame for it.

Comment Posted By Jeff Harrell On 12.06.2005 @ 11:23



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