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"The issue is, does the Party have to get YOUR approval for the candidates they advance?"

For those not from New York State. The GOP has less to do with democracy and more to do with control from top down.

I used to laugh whenever I'd call the NYS GOP Chairman by his first name and be castigated since he required being called "The Chairman."

My answer to your question has always been, "Well, yes." One person, one vote right?

Comment Posted By Jeff Barea On 3.11.2009 @ 18:31


Please remember the simple things we were taught in elementary school.

One person, one vote.

Let me challenge you think of it in a social science kind of way:

One person, his own decision.

I can even put this in a religious context:

One person, free moral agency.

Wait, there's more!

They all add up to one simple American concept:

I get to decide who I want to vote for. Me. Just me.

Comment Posted By Jeff Barea On 2.11.2009 @ 23:05

@Michael Reynolds...

You might want to "ask the party" what to do, but I sure won't.

Doug Hoffman is pretty happy he didn't either at this point.

Comment Posted By Jeff Barea On 2.11.2009 @ 23:00



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