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I will vote for McCain, and on one level I am very concerned about where Obama might lead the country, but I think that the efforts of the left to bring down President Bush have been a significant factor in the problems the nation is experiencing right now. Say what you will about being a doormat, one of the things I admire most about Senator McCain is that I know that if he loses, he will continue to work just as hard to serve the country as he will if he is elected. Like McCain, win or lose, I will put Country First.

Comment Posted By JeanE On 14.10.2008 @ 09:02


This is a real life example of the Aesop's fable about the boy who cried wolf. The media has cried "wolf, wolf" so often when there was little or no threat, that we no longer believe them. Now, even if they are telling the truth about this and other incidents of sectarian violence, our past experience suggests otherwise. The only way to gain the credibility that is vital for a democracy is for the press to be extremely transparent and be extremely conscientious in verifying stories from Iraq.

Comment Posted By JeanE On 30.11.2006 @ 21:50



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