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i'm just curious if there was a point to this post? you don't like him change the station/channel. i know it's hard for some people to understand why glenn is nuts, BUT, he tells you he's nuts.

Comment Posted By jason On 8.04.2009 @ 11:07


I'm not in sync with most of Obama's policies, but if he does win, I suspect he will win by a real majority, not the way Clinton won (a three way race) or Bush (less said the better). The ACORN thing is a red herring twisted by the right wing online media. ACORN under statutory mandate has to submit ALL forms filled, whether they're genuine or not. However, it also has to review these forms prior to submission and flag them if found unacceptable. ACORN did exactly that. The problem was that of 5,000+ forms submitted to at least one precinct, about 3,000 were flagged as problematic by ACORN, a problem that occurred in part because ACORN volunteers were given added financial incentives for the number of registrations they brought in (not very wise, I say). Voter registration staff, not wanting to further review these forms decided to universally condemn the lot, ACORN protested, which led to further investigations and the sort of nonsensical accusations of fake voter registration we're seeing today. That is not happening. Most of the obvious fake forms have been tossed. What remains to be reviewed are those forms that ACORN flagged as having minor issues. What I find astonishing is that 8 years after Bush v. Gore, neither the Feds, nor state governments have bothered to clean up our voting process. For crying out loud, if India can manage 560 million people voting without a hitch, why can't the US?

Comment Posted By Jason On 15.10.2008 @ 00:25


"He is a vanishing breed in Washington – an honorable man."
??? He is one of the Keating 5, and it currently skirting campaign finance laws he helped put in place. Nothing honorable getting engaged while still married to your first wife, or running around on your current wife.

"That the surge didn’t work?"
It did not meet the stated goals. The Iraqi government was supposed to hammer together a constitution, not take August off because it was too hot.

"That it is not a front in the War on Terror (a war they believe is made up by Bush in order to have an excuse to grab dictatorial powers)?"
Yes, wars on conceptual ideas are never ending wars. The war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on terrorism. If this was a real war against Al Queda then we should have gotten Bin Laden years ago instead of attacking a COUNTRY THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor we did not respond by invading Australia.

Comment Posted By jason On 23.07.2008 @ 22:27


Is Michelle Obama Trying To Tell Us Something?

Could this be why Michelle Obama is so down on America, so prone to belittling her husband, and so vocal about it?

Here you have a well educated, probably well intended, idealistic woman who has watched her husband sell-out everything she believes in. She probably justified it at first as pragmatism. While she knew he'd been corrupted, and employed corruption to win his seat, at least he had the opportunity to do some good. But strangely he didn't bother to. He didn't want to shake things up any longer, he wanted to buy a 1.65 Million dollar mansion instead.

The man she'd married who had so much potential had sold-out at the first opportunity. But rather than blame him, or blame the Chicago political machine, she's projected her anger and humiliation on American society. So we're all 'mean spirited', 'cynics, sloths, and complacents'. Don't those terms seem a little too personal for social criticism? - who is she actually condemning for their cynicism and complacency?

Comment Posted By jason On 6.03.2008 @ 19:54


Mr. Moran,

We have disagreed here before but I hate to say that I completely agree with you on this point. Mike Huckabee is a snake oil salesman. I consider myself a Christian and I would vote for Satan himself if he could verifiably vow to adhere to every jot and tittle of the Constitution.

I do not understand why adherents to the Christian faith, a personal relationship with Christ, would seek to publicly impose religion on the general public?

Comment Posted By Jason On 13.01.2008 @ 15:42


President Ford was a true patriot, giving to the United States whenever the opportunity arose. To his great credit he campaigned for the presidency by touting his accomplishments in office, not by attacking Carter. The dignity in which he retired from public life also speaks volumes. Many times the presidency comes down to character, Ford had it and then some.

Comment Posted By Jason On 27.12.2006 @ 12:58


Are you jumping to conlusions? Yes, you ignorant shit. I live a few blocks from the JCC. This guy was not targeting Jews. He was crazy. He was running over people all over town. The fact you jumped to these conclusions reveals more about you than the Left or the Media. It reveals your wet dream for a holy war. You right-wing retard.

Comment Posted By Jason On 31.08.2006 @ 02:40


One of the main problems with illegal immigration is the assimilation factor. When you have a stadium of soccer fans pouring piss on the U.S. players it is a problem, especially when the game is taking place in Los Angeles. Immigration is a great thing, but when the person immigrating wants to become American and believes in our country's founding ideals. Immigration should not be solely economic. Unfortunately, if we look deep we will find that natural born citizens of this country don't even know our history. So let's fight illegal immigration, but at the same time lets start fighting for historical education. Maybe if more Americans knew who James Otis, or if they taught the Federalist Papers in school, we would strenghten our country from within. So while we look outside, let's also look within and take pride in this country by learning about it.

Comment Posted By Jason On 3.05.2006 @ 13:59



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