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I lean to the left, but I could see myself voting for Romney. I voted Obama, but if he can't pull the economy up by 2012, then I'm going to look to the other side of the aisle for a president. Of all the names floated so far on the GOP side, only Romney seems to have the economic street cred.

Comment Posted By James H On 9.07.2009 @ 12:42


I wonder ... if there were shenanigans, did those shenanigans give Amadinejad the win, or did they merely inflate that win?

Comment Posted By James H On 15.06.2009 @ 09:02


You're right about projecting hopes. A lot of people (myself included) see Iran's potential to be a powerful, effect, positive force in the Middle East.* The nation has one of the most educated populations in the region and despite its status as a brutal theocratic regime, Iran features at least some of the trappings of democracy. Unlike some US allies in the Middle East I could name (*cough* Saudi Arabia *cough*) A lot of us in the Western world truly want Iran to meet the potential we see, and it's heartbreaking when Iran and its people don't meet that potential.

As you say above, it is entirely possible the people of Iran legitimately chose Ahamadinejad. And that's a real pity.

* Keep in mind I don't say Iran is a shiny happy positive force, just that it has the potential to be.

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Apology accepted.

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Lionheart -- start from Interstate Commerce clause and work your way from there.

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A quick aside -- I see that you are rather strongly opposed to a tax on sugury foods. However, if we end up with a publicly financed health-care system -- which looks increasingly likely -- a tax on sugary foods seems the most sensible way to finance a portion of it. Much like my own insurer increases my premiums (private-sector equivalent of taxing me) because of my excess weight.

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I think there are different levels of anon- and pseudonymity. Some people seem to choose random letters, some find a moniker they like, and some use a tissue-thin first name and initial.

That said, I think that on blogs, it's a good idea to require your users to register a name -- not necessarily a real name -- and to continue to use it on your site. When forced to do that, a person becomes invested in his Web site persona and can at least be held socially accountable for his sins.

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Moderates? Who Needs 'em

Take a concept like “fiscal conservatism.” Let’s define it (arbitrarily) as “The State should not take from citizens more than is necessary for the maintenance of a just and moral society.” That is a broad conservative concept on which Northeasterners and Southerns would probably agree. But in interpreting that concept, the Northeastern conservative may believe that a “just and moral society” includes federal funds for S-Chip or Pell Grants to college students. It might mean less for defense and more for transportation. It could even mean raising taxes to pay for those programs.To the southerner, it might mean eliminating or drastically reducing those programs and cutting taxes.

From my perspective, the compromise has too often been, "Sure, let's appropriate money for the program AND cut taxes so much the reduce revenue."

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