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I am a lifelong Republican, when I heard Laura Ingraham ranting that "no woman has personal choice,
I suddenly saw conservatives in a new light. In my opinion they made a terrible mistake:
A) Harriet Miers never got a chance to open her mouth in hearings.
B) Does not being a loadmouth disquailify ?
C) Can a person change opinions/viewpoints in 12 years, if so how will you tell, if you don't ask ?
D) Does 'Miering' someone resemble the Dems, politically correct, don't we as Republicans hear all without pre judging, versus Dems ?
E) If I were George Bush, I would say, here's your conservative candidate, get he/she onto the court, since you can remove Harriet, let's see you do the opposite (in pitched battle) ! This will show all, including the conservatives, what power they have(Bush gives them the power over himself, what if he decides not to !)
F) Are these conservatives (as a matter of mass rather than beliefs) really where the Republican party needs to go ?
Sorry, I never was a good typist.

Comment Posted By James Callison On 28.10.2005 @ 14:27



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