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So many false premises from Clarice.

Nobody was asking Hastert to "boot" Foley--what was being asked was an investigation into the matter. That, of course, didn't occur.

I also believe Clariceis counting on readers' ignorance of DC and politics. DC is very much a small company town; it was widely known Foley among Congressional staffers that Foley often engaged in inappropriate conduct and language with young pages. It's difficult to believe GOP leadership didn't know Foley was something of a ticking political time bomb.

But Clarice is pretending these events occurred in a vacuum--that Foley is only guilty of being a GOPer and sending "creepy" but "legal" emails. Yet, Clarice will defend the exposure of CIA agents, wiretapping of US citizens, and torture on the basis that it's better to be safe than sorry.

But to investigate a GOP Congressman who was sending "creepy" and unwanted emails to a child? Hey, that's out of bounds.

Comment Posted By Jadegold On 1.10.2006 @ 16:46



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