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You have written a fine article in some parts but the last two paragraphs are just wishful thinking on your part. It plays to the media mentality of were are constanly 'Doomed" the sky is falling in. Without merit to the facts. The media generated instant polls certainly disprove your theory and wishes about the American people ready to rise up because the President has not aploogized to satisfy your wishful thinking.
The facts that the Gulf Coast was declared a disaster area TWO DAYS before the hurricane omniously go unmentioned by you and the general media. How interesting! The laws and beaucratic rules notwithstanding. Go ahead and wish the downfall and destruction of a fine President devoid of the FACTS but it will go against your best hopes.
Jack Mimms
Plano, Tx

Comment Posted By Jack Mimms On 9.09.2005 @ 12:33



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