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Gotta agree, Rick. This tea party crap is pointless. What the Repuke party needs is people who are brave enough to start speaking the truth about who and what we are facing. As we stare down the barrel of the Socialism gun being pointed at our hearts, we continue to engage the enemy on their ground, using their rules, and bound hopelessly by their PC speak. We are still so afraid of terms such as "racism", and "neocon", etc, that any "criticism" of the idiot now ruining the country is weak as, well, tea...

Comment Posted By JWS On 1.03.2009 @ 14:41


Sara came real close, but can't say it, can't actually say what it is that is dragging this country into socialism and reparations, in the name of fairness of course...

Comment Posted By JWS On 21.02.2009 @ 16:09


Everyone gets thisclose to saying out loud what the problem is, and then backs off, for fear of being labeled a racist. We are "allowed" to, ever so gently, and in as sterile a manner as possible, discuss the damage that affirmative action, violent crime, out of wedlock births, welfare, drug use, violent "protest", gangs, drop out rates, thought and speech "policing", etc, are doing to this country. We have become so neutered and PC, that we have elected an absolutely unqualified, racist, Marxist, as POTUS, simply as an attempt to further placate those who, face it, will never be placated.
We ARE a nation of cowards...

Comment Posted By JWS On 21.02.2009 @ 10:37


"...The point being, Democrats were willing to sit on this story until the stimulus vote was safely passed..."

It's a good point, but not at all relevant in the country's current condition. It assumes that anything at all could have possibly stood in the way of this Socialist bill; it assumes that they have any shame at all.
Conservatives need to face a simple fact: the new guy in charge is an enemy of everything this country was founded on, and he has the shameless backing of his party to do whatever the hell he wants. And he will.

It's a new game, and Conservatives have not woken up to it, and probably won't, until it's way too late. These people, and their leader Obama, are not the old "save the whales and raise taxes" crowd. They hate this country, and are now, finally, in position to do what they have always wanted to do. They need to be approached as the enemy that they are, as if they were indeed a foreign enemy, and not merely some misguided political adversaries...

Comment Posted By JWS On 18.02.2009 @ 09:51


I love to be right all the time. All the conservative phonies who called me a racist for pointing out that Barry IS a racist are now shocked, SHOCKED, at this sh....stuff. "How could Barry talk to Hamas???" Uhmmm, maybe the Wright thing had something to do with this? Naaaa. Barry said he was through with that, an sh*t, and that was good enough for all you idiots. Great job, boyz...

Comment Posted By JWS On 9.01.2009 @ 23:42


"...The game was much different back then. The players were much smaller, faster, better with the puck, and probably dirtier. The game itself was more wide open with speed being the key to victory..."

AS a former player and coach, I can say that one out of four ain't bad. The players certainly were much smaller back then. Today, fourth liners are faster than most of yesterdays stars; almost everyone today can handle the puck well, as opposed to years (decades- I'm getting old...)ago, when the top stars were about it for "hands"; Dirty? I have to give that to todays group also, as years ago, most everyone respected everyone else, mostly because of being helmet-less.
Todays game was fun to watch, even for a Ranger fan. Maybe especially for a Ranger fan, as Detroit is everything the Rangers wish they were as a franchise...
Nice change of pace entry...

Comment Posted By JWS On 1.01.2009 @ 19:25


You know, as with most things, this can be distilled down rather easily: Hamas/ Palestine bad, Israel good. For libtards, it's easiest understood as a sort of rock, paper, scissors game: good beats bad.

This is a perfect example of needing adults to be, well, adults. "Look at all those dead Hamasians (ok, whatever)!!!", the child (liberal) screams. "Yup, look at em...." the adult (conservative) says...

Comment Posted By JWS On 30.12.2008 @ 21:38



As a thought experiment, is the constant, never ending portrayal of whites in the media as bumbling, ineffectual, cowardly, brutal, humorless, ugly, nerdy, etc, racist? On the flip side, is the portrayal of blacks as super-cool, intelligent, in charge, handsome, debonair, etc, racist? (yes you do know what I mean. If not, just listen to the radio for half an hour, or watch TV for a bit, and pay attention)

Also, no one disagrees more with Moran than I do, but you imply that he is a racist?! That is why that word is meaningless anymore...

Comment Posted By JWS On 28.12.2008 @ 16:38


Racism is one thing and one thing only: the belief that a race is genetically, or inherently (choose one if you're into semantics nonsense), either inferior or superior. Mocking, jokes, etc, may be perceived by some as hurtful, insensitive (my favorite), etc, or even bigoted. But you have to be able to read minds to ascribe "racism" based on a joke. One of my favorite things is to ask the sensitive, thoughtful, liberal why mocking ebonics is racist, but mocking how all those vanilla white people speak isn't. Or, for that matter, why a white who faithfully attends white separatist "services" is a racist, while a black who faithfully attends black separatist "services" isn't.

Comment Posted By JWS On 28.12.2008 @ 13:11

Liberals are not responsible for cutting off debate, conservatives are. Liberals are truly childlike, and almost primitive in their thought process. We know that. The problem here is not that they have defined everything as racist. The problem is that, to one degree or another, 99% of white conservatives have gone merrily along. The same white who will belly laugh at a black "comic" making fun of the way "whites" speak, will brand any white who makes fun of "ebonics" a racist; the same white who would instantly-and accurately-label a white man who spent 20 years of his life in a white-separatist "church" a racist, will shrug his shoulders at the racist that has been elected POTUS; don't want to "assemble" with blacks? Racist!! attend an all black HS or college? Proud!! And on and on. The logic of this column is the same as that which would say buy the tantrum throwing child whatever he wants so he'll shut up. It's the child's fault, right? Not the parent's. The child is saying "this is how it's gonna be!" Nothing you can do, right? Wrong. The essential problem is not liberals labeling conservatives as racists, it's conservatives labeling conservatives as racists.

Comment Posted By JWS On 28.12.2008 @ 11:55

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