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Hey, Rick -

I'm basically a "liberal" or "libertarian" I suppose who somehow found my way to your blog but I do want to congratulate you. I believe there is too much tendancy on both the right and left to demonize other Americans simply because they vote Repub or Democrat. What is that? I'm a Registered dem but I've voted for decent repubs and I just don't understand where all this seething animosity for each side is coming from. If we can't agree to disagree on some issues and move on with more important things than our country really is lost.

Coulter really is a provacatuer with no real ideological arguments to make. Clearly 9/11 widows have and deserve some moral authority in this country - no matter whether they lean left or right - and perhaps it's their authority that galls her most. She feels that she must skewer any sacred cows that might possibly contradict her senseless rants.

For other conservatives to say that this "steps over the line" for one states the obvious (Coulter helps no one with her rants except for the liberals she detests, who benefit when the far-right proves itself, as in this case, to be as crazy as bin Laden). But for another, it is nice to see that at least some conservatives have sense enough to know that this kind of nonesense hurts their own point of view as much as it does civil discourse. It makes those on the left think there are at least a few people out there who it would be worth having a discussion.

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