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Who are these people (adults?) who actually agree with the liberal/democrat philosophy of more government? Who are you folks? Why do you think the way you do?

You despise Palin. Exactly why? She's actually a moderate conservative. Bush? Moderate to even liberal conservative. McCain? Liberal-conservative.

There are basically no true conservatives in politics today. No nationalists, which by definition is one of the big tennets of conservatisim. They are all internationalists. They all seek to dismember the USA, disable our sovereignty. Most liberal voters don't even know what sovereignty means. They only hate the rich and successful and want the "taxpayer's money back", as if they are going to get checks from the government. What nonsense.

It's about philosophy. Reagan had the right philosophy. No one is perfect, much less Bush but he at least had a correct ground rules, that too much centralized power is a mistake and goes against the American tradition. Barry Dunham is a classic central planning, Fabian socialist type. Spare me his intellectual pretensions.

Comment Posted By JPR On 2.04.2009 @ 06:25

Gee, I wonder why the GOP is losing among the young........duh, could mass immigration of poor, under-educated folks have something to do with it? Why my common sense tells me poor, under-educated folks are just natural conservatives/republicians, no? (please see Latino drop out rates, criminal gang membership, lack of English/assimilation, poor academic performance, etc.)

More amigos.....we must have more and more amigos so as to prove we are not bigots! More under the table labor! More identitiy theft! More social security fraud! More bi-lingualism! Empty out Mexico, bring them all here for we're all immigrants, right? (wrong) We're a nation of immigrants, right? (wrong) We must have more!!!!

Comment Posted By JPR On 1.04.2009 @ 10:58



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