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Much better analysis than Rick's RINO drivel......

Sometimes, Failure Is Good
Posted by Shawn Mallow
Published: January 15, 2009 - 10:37 AM
I don't want Obama to succeed.

There. I said it.

I didn't vote for him. I don't like him, who his mentors were, his political ideals, his policy ideas, his Clintonite picks, his views on Guantanamo, his views on abortion, or his pseudo-socialist-spread-the-wealth-trickle-up, tax-the-corporations-out-of-the-country economic ideas, or most anything else he campaigned on.

Does that mean I want another terrorist attack? Or I wish him harm? Or I want the country to fail?

No, it doesn't. It also doesn't mean that I hate him like all the BDS freaks do Bush.

The left's hatred for George W. Bush started even before he was inaugurated in 2000. Not because of what he stood for, but, because of their determination that he stole the election. That hatred grew to levels never before seen in modern political history (not even Nixon), and will continue long after he's gone.

Obama supporters say to just "give him a chance". And I say "To hell with that!"

I hope he fails miserably in his overall "ambitions" for this country. I do not believe that success for a President always means success for the country.

I believe in Conservative principles. I believe those principles are what's best for this country. Why, then, would I want Obama to "succeed" at things with which I profoundly disagree?

I do not believe in compromise when it comes to ideology. When you compromise your core beliefs just to get something done, you give up some part of those beliefs. I don't want to compromise with a radical, leftist ideology. I want to beat the hell out of it, because I believe it is a wrong and dangerous road to pursue.

Some, many of the leftists on this site, proclaim Conservatism to be "dead". They would do well to remember that 20 of the last 28 years we've had a Republican in the Presidency. And from 1994 to 2006, Republicans controlled congress.

That said, Republicans screwed themselves for the last 8 years. They've become so entrenched in their positions, turning a tin ear to their constituents, that they have forgotten how to view things through the Conservative prism which helped them to get there in the first place. Painful lessons, indeed. But, hopefully learned, never the less.

Under the "leadership" of the San Francisco Creep and the Mortician, the Democratic congress, thankfully, hasn't gotten much of their deviant agenda passed for the last two years. And with Congressional approval ratings in the single digits, that majority isn't going to be around much longer.

Obama's made many promises. He's already backpedaling on some. The left expects some payback. He'll have to come through on those promises, or the curtain will quickly be pulled back on this modern-day Wizard of Oz. If he doesn't, it may be a very short 4 years.

For the country's sake, I hope it is.

Comment Posted By JPP On 15.01.2009 @ 13:10


Levi, the limp-wrist said: "There’s nothing inherently evil about the idea of government."

Did mommy and daddy send you to law school, baby boy? You like to be cared for, don't ya boy?

What a waste. Govermnet is force; it's coercison? Who said that Levi-boy? G. Washington.

Government is LAWYERS. I want nothing to do with sending my money to lawyers in order that they "launder it", then pass it out to their favored constituencies. That's government Levi-boy.

Maybe your leg too tingles whenever you see Barry Hussein, you get a little sexual jolt. Go ahead, admit Levi-boy.

Or perhaps you have trouble understanding English. I don't like nor want government. I am as self-sufficient as possible and I love it. Period.

Comment Posted By JPP On 9.12.2008 @ 07:31


No Juan McAmnesty is too frickin stoopid to be president. This jackass signed onto Ted "the swimmer" Kennedy's "comprehensive immigration reform" scam last year. Remember the Z-visa? It would have granted amnesty to VIRTUALLY EVERYONE IN THIS COUNTRY ILLEGALL - OVER 20 MILLION and it would have given them UNLIMITED ability to sponsor their EXTENDED RELATIVES to bring over 60 MILLION grade school educated, Spanish speaking, Chicanos to this country.

Source: The Heritage Foundation.

Comment Posted By JPP On 23.07.2008 @ 14:14



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