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Jack Bauer's plan was never to kill, or even try to get Logan to confess. He just needed to convince Logan he planned to.

The reason the plan worked was that it played into all of Logan's weaknesses. Jack Bauer's greatest strength (other than the ability to come back to life, only angrier, after being killed and the ability to kill people using only his legs) is to get inside the heads of his enemies, something we could use more of.

When he needs to break Syed? Hey, remember your wife and kids?

Saunderson? Hmm, what would the terrorists do to me?

And when Jack needs to take Logan down, Jack plays to Logan's weaknesses. First off, Logan's fundamental arrogance. First off, Jack makes Logan think Jack's just as arrogant as the POTUS; Yeah. Sure. I'm going to interrogate the president at gunpoint, and not only will I break him in 10 minutes, but it'll be believed. As Logan said, eventually you'll say anything under torture. And then Jack plays again into Logan's arrogance by making Logan think that Jack can't execute him, because he's the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES- failing to realise that the Presidential Seal provides as much protection from Jack as tissue paper. If Jack wanted to kill him, Logan's brains would have wallpapered the Abandoned Industrial Building of Mysterious Origin if he was the President or the President's Janitor.

I just about threw up when Logan said "It's okay, Jack. I'm the President. You can't kill me."

And then, he continues to play onto Logan's arrogance with the placement of the bug. Of course Logan is going to search his wife for a listening device; but on me? On ME? I'm the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, so clearly I'm Better Than Normal People. And Jack also plays into Logan's constant need to justify himself: I'm a patriot! And of course I'm gonna say so again!

Jack played into Logan's weaknesses; and the Chinese played into Jack's weaknesses. And that's why who won, won, and who lost, lost.

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